5 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With School Software

School softwares are a new age need that are employed to ensure that minimum human efforts are required for the best management of the institute, moreover the institutes provide us with the right data  what we need to ensure that the school is on right track. Here are 5 mistakes that schools do while getting or using the software.

Buying multiple software products:

Many institutions are using multiple software and then run in between at the time of results, fee collection, transfer certificates and account management or bookkeeping.
Solution: Centralizing your data and using an all-in-one ERP solution, like eSchoolApp, the best school management software that helps you with all the school processes as an administrator, teacher, manager and brings transparency to the system.

Cloud based solution :

Many institutes in India use school software products that are installed locally. In order to access any data at any point and time becomes very difficult, you have to be on premise to use the software. To generate report or follow up on your accounts. Parents have no access to the learning process and there’s no scope for intercommunication amongst teachers.Solution: Using a cloud-based solution that can give access to the schools’ data securely to the administrators like, Bus tracking in real-time on the go and Marks entry to make sure that teachers can update report cards dynamically without even using any pen and paper. Implementation of a cloud-based does come with making the right decisions. Despite the fact that there are pieces of software that are available for just throw-away price, but can they sustain your requirements, is your data safe? What if your data is being sold to fetch better prices than what you actually paid for? Though not everyone is MobiKwik what if they are?
“If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Many customers have to deal with the common application that is common for all the schools practically what you get is a generic solution that has the least possibility of customization. Moreover, the processing would suffer and there are chances for the data breach.Solution: Paying a few extra bucks to ensure the exclusivity of your school and branding your application. You would get the return soon enough in terms of value being added to the school moreover, it always fetches better ROI in terms of investment. So to add, you’re existing and potential customers both see the value that you are offering beyond the best education.

Missing out on best features :

The software programs that you use must satisfy most of the requirements, having all the requirements met is a miracle but having some features and not using them is pure ignorance.
Solution: Ask your software vendor about the latest features and updates. We at eSchoolApp always come up with the new features some new features are hostel and visitor management.

fees management

Utilizing the software :

The software have multiple features and that are waiting to be explored, Schools need to understand the usage of cloud based infrastructure is not only restricted to the automation, but how to use the ERP to fit your needs, is a task worth undertaking.

Solution : ERP is a tool that you can use the data to understand many things like the learning process like the Test data to understand the weakness of the students in a particular subject or may be using teachers log to track the progress of the curriculum. There are multiple uses to the modules that are provided to the school.