• Exam Structure: Highly flexible exam structure. Supports grading as well as marking schema. Works for CBSE CCE, state boards, and all other major national and international boards.
  • CCE: Comprehensive and Complete Evaluation. Up to date with latest CCE guidelines.
  • Report Formats: Several report card formats to choose from. Customize your report with school headers. Choose different headers for different classes.
  • Notifications: Choose to send instant notifications to parents as marks are entered for some or all exams. Marks can also be sent to parents via SMS or App at a later date.
  • Marks entry: Grid-based entry form for entering marks for various exams. Inbuilt checks to prevent giving more than 100% marks to students.
  • Lock Exam: Admin control to lock any data entry in specific or all exams of the session.
  • Export blank: Export and print blank mark slips as per exam structure defined to aid in the process of data entry.
  • Teacher based locking: Allow only assigned teachers to enter marks of their own subjects. Minimize interference and chances of mistake.
  • Student Electives: Handle elective subjects. For optional subjects show only elected subjects in report cards.
  • Administrative Reports: Reports containing individual exam based marks, averages, totals, weighted averages, and consolidated results for the school, exportable to excel.
  • Student reports: Generate student report cards as pdf with one click for the entire class.
  • Appreciation: Generate appreciation cards for merit holders.


student results

Easy Marks Entry

Our app-first environment gives us the flexibility to enter the marks as they check it in the comfort of the home.

Auto Calculations

All the calculations are done for you. You just need to help us with the basic information.

Multiple Formats

We have multiple report formats that are pre-approved from CBSE, you can choose from them.

DIY Reports

If you are not satisfied with any of it you can design your own report card as well using any of our templates.

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