• Digitize : Scan and associate all incoming documents of the students, employees and buses. Upload multiple docs.
  • Categorize : Define categories for documents.
  • Renewals : Be reminded about when a document is about to expire. Get reports for upcoming and overdue renewals.
  • Generate : Generate TC, Scholar register, Bonafide, Character Certificate, School Fee, School Fee Paid certificate for students in CBSE formats and other complaint formats



All in one document generator

Generate all the necessary documents that you need to ensure a smooth workflow Character Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, No Dues Certificate. Use our templates or build your own.


Customize your designs

With our new addition, you can design your own certificates as you like.


Hard Coded Seal and Sign

Don’t worry about the principal’s signature everyone, as an admin they can have reduced paper load by hardcoding the seal and signature in the system for easy application.


Records Of All Issued Certificate

Record you wish about the misuse of the system every activity is tables and is only available to the administrator.

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