• Attendance: Manage Staff Attendance by entering information in the system or by importing excel. Import excel is useful in case integration is required with biometric machines or other attendance machines.
  • Holidays: Define staff working days and holidays independently from scholar working days.
  • Leaves: Record leave with the reason for staff members across a range of days for which leave is applied.
  • Salary Heads: Define salary heads and classify them as basic, payable, or deductible heads.
  • Define Salary: Define payables, deductibles, and basic for all staff members. Define date range for the validity of salary. This is helpful to track historical data when the staff receives a raise.
  • Loans: Give loans to staff members and define installments in which it will be repaid. Track the loan history of employees.
  • Salary Payment: Make a payment of salary, in grid-based display with automated calculations of loan installments, payables, deductibles, and CL deductions.
  • PF / ESIC: EPF and ESIC deductions and reports.
  • Reports: Generate monthly reports, payslips, and bank letters for employees’ salary transfer. Export options for excel and pdf.



Tax Deduction

The deductions made towards ESIC, Provident fund, and or and taxes that you are subjected to can be configured in the system.

Special Leave Rules

For specialist teachers that teach only a few hours per week special rules can be defined.

Salary Loan

If you give a salary loan in any case, it can be well Manfred and how the breakup will be reduced from future salary would be shown as well.

Payment Records

All the records are available with us in terms of repayment and deduction, every record is available for administration.

Internet of Things

eSchoolApp system can connect with variety of Hardware devices for data automation. This gives transparent and reliable reports without the need of human intervention for data entry. For more details click here. All hardware offered by us has been extensively tested to work with eschoolapp. For prices please click here

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