• Accession Register: Through the school library, you can maintain the accession register for all books in your library with details of supplements, multimedia, and withdrawal.
  • Categorize: Define the category of books on the fly and tag multiple categories to books to help patrons easily search and explore.
  • Issue: Issue books through the school-library to scholars and staff. Mention expected return date. publisher and author name, edition, and whether that book is available for the issue or not.
  • Search: On the other hand, you can search for books by using parameters category, title, accession ID, etc.
  • Returns: Easily accept returns from the search page.
  • Barcode: Supports all major barcode formats. The student’s stored information i.e student’s roll no, name, address, course, and year linked in our system so that librarian will have the ease to use. 
  • Mobile Access Catalogue: With the eSchool App, students can easily browse and explore, they can view their due dates and issues, and get information about the issued book.
  • Supplements Register: Maintain a separate register for supplements, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Defaulters: Generate a list of patrons with overdue books


school library

Tracking Books

As an admin, you can track every single book from your library, Accession and its return is made easier.

Checking Availability

Students can check the availability, of the books online and can issue it accordingly.

Record of All Materials

This module practically helps you in keeping a log of all books, CD’s , maps etc. That you have and who are they with.


Defaulter's List

As a mandate, a list of the defaulters is readily available to the administration.

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