• Seasons : The timetable is completely configurable. Define seasons, periods by classes, break times, teacher engagements and fixed periods.
  • Double periods : Define number of single and double period for each subject.
  • Optional Subjects : You can define the optional subjects to schedule elective classes. These classes can be in any number based on electives offered by you.
  • Combine classes : Option to define combine classes for a subject. This way our algorithm ensures both classes and relevant teacher is free during the time.
  • Generate : Generate timetable for all defined criteria. As this is a time taking process, sit back and see logs of timetable generation.
  • Fragment : Once timetable comes out. You can fragment it further if you feel a specific teacher is being over burdened.
  • Class wise : View and print timetable class and section wise.
  • Teacher Wise : View and print timetable for all teachers.
  • Substitution : To ensure there are no missing or blank periods you can assign the substitute teachers.
  • Export Configuration : Export printable timetable configuration in pdf for review and planning.




Configure summer and winter timetable separately, with no hassle at all.


Special configurations

Arrange for combined periods and double periods easily for the mandate subjects .


Instant & unique

Timetable for every class is unique and ensures no overlapping of the classes unless configured.


Defined by the steps

It has six steps that you need to follow to generate a great timetable. If you follow all the steps correctly you are sure to make the most of it.

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