• Standard : Complete and comprehensive student information management with barcode and the option to capture student photos every year.
  • Customize : Define fields particular to your school along with default values and options to make them mandatory.
  • Greetings : Send App notifications for Birthdays, anniversary, or any other date of importance for students and his parents.
  • 360 feedback : Notification sent to parents as soon as student detail is updated. That way parents keep a check on data sanity.
  • Student list : Filter student list based on multiple inbuilt and custom-defined fields.
  • Mass edit : Edit all details of the selected set of students in a grid based display.
  • Save Report : Choose which columns to display in the student reports and save the options as a named report.
  • Class Promotion : Easily promote or fail students to carry forward class to the next session.



Sorted records

Student records are very crucial and the delicate data that needs regular upkeep. Our system is designed in such a way to ensure easy maintenance.


Instant personal notifications

Whenever you need to send any piece of information to any particular group of students set common by a filter it can be done easily.


Information you need

 Apart from the standard information, you can choose what information you need from the students.


Can be filled by Online Admissions

You need to have a a website to ensure that you schools main information is displayed properly, and can apply for admissions here itself.

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