• Configure Define buses, drivers, routes, assignments all in one module.
  • GPS: Track all buses in real-time. Allow parents to view the moving bus of their child. Analyze trips for over stoppages, unofficial stops, delays, and overspending.
  • GPS Health Monitor: Constant monitor to see if GPS devices are active and functioning.
  • Log Books: Mechanisms to capture daily run kilometers, fuel consumption, mishaps, expense, and maintenance.
  • Export blank: Export and print blank logbook, fuel book, and maintenance books as per structure defined to aid in the process of data entry.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Summarized and Detailed reports of Maintenance, Arrival/Departure, Trip wise bus stop schedules, mileage, bus document renewals.



Vehicle documentation

You can keep a track of your vehicles in terms of their registration and renewals.


Live GPS tracking

Tracking the school buses was never this easier. Comprehensive information for both parents and the administration.

Speed checks

Whenever the bus over speeds from a certain safe limit set by you, A record is maintained and you are informed.


Track recordings

Every trip is recorded and tracked, so it can be viewed later for references.

Internet of Things

eSchoolApp system can connect with variety of Hardware devices for data automation. This gives transparent and reliable reports without the need of human intervention for data entry. For more details click here. All hardware offered by us has been extensively tested to work with eschoolapp. For prices please click here

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