​Best Pre-Schools of India 2020

Top 10 Primary Schools in India

What is a Primary School?

An elementary school, junior school  for kids from around 4 to 11 years of age, where they get the foundation.

It’s a school that acts as bridge between the preschool and the secondary school.

Here we present you the best primary schools of India.

These are the schools that have excelled in their fields and have given something more than just education to students.

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The Doon School

  • The Doon School was established in 1935 and its a
  • boarding facility for boys only.
  • This may be only ‘All India’ school with admissions from every part of country.
  • They wish to raise able boys and teachers from all backgrounds to serve India.
  • Staff inspires students to be simple and moral citizens,
  • they become
  • wise and courageous leaders of tomorrow Himalaya Inter College
​KMSB Himalaya intercollege

KMSB Himalaya intercollege

  • The school was founded in 1999 on a donated land by Mr. Chandar Singh Karki.
  • The school has become talk of every home all because of the efforts they’ve made.
  • Mr. Karki’s emphasis on compulsory primary education for the children in rural areas of the state.
  • To promote education this  school offers scholarships for poor students.
​Bishop Cotton Girls School

Bishop Cotton Girls School

  • This school was founded by the Rev. S. T. Pettigrew in 1865.
  • Its an all girls school that has empowered students to evolve just like the institute.
  • Academy has centuries old history that have produced doctors, lawyers and successful CEO’s.
​Takshshela Junior College

Takshshela Junior College

  • In 1995, the founders wanted a school for boys and girls that provide holistic education to the students
  • The repeated success of students and teachers alike this institution grew vertically.
  • Today, it is one of the best and popular private schools in the city.
  • They  provide an environment  where students are motivated to grow creatively, spiritually and bodily.
​Mangal Newton School

Mangal Newton School

  • This school wishes to carry forward Newton’s legacy of innovation.
  • Mangal Group’s ideology of bringing excellence to training and other areas of development.
  • Every scholar is nurtured to have curiosity and ask questions.
  • They have matched  global standards of excellence with the Indian schooling and management system.
  • Curriculum emphasizes on learning and nurturing the genius in every child.
​ TreeHouse


  • Mira Education Trust runs schools in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan since 1993.
  • Treehouse High School combines the spirit of the East and science of west.
  • They inspire teachers and children to develop together in bond of Knowledge, Ananda, and Existence.
  • The institution offers an environment that is friendly and innovative.
  • Absolute belief overall development of students in Spiritual, Moral and physical realms to create global citizens.
​ Neuron Labs

 Neuron Labs

  • Neuron Labs School in Pune was established in 2010 to offer a real and modern education to students.
  • Our endeavor is to be a school with more open and keeping parents involved.
  • They are one of the trendiest schools in Pune.
  • Neuron Labs faculty is up to date, with best School management to ensure the smooth working
  • The learning program focuses on character growth and sparking curiosity.
​St. Xavier’s Collegiate School

St. Xavier’s Collegiate School

  • It was founded in 1860 by the Jesuits under the supervision of Rev.Fr.Henri Depelchin,
  • St. Xavier’s Collegiate School is affiliated to the CISCE which conducts the ISCE and ISC examinations in training X and XII respectively.
  • Students may choose between the two boards as per their choice and preference