For board exams next year, CBSE schools begin online classes 

Times of India

(Apr 16, 2020)

Education is moving towards the digital age, where Movement like "Digital India" and "Make India" are boosting the trends towards the Digitalization. 'Online classes' is definitely a way forward for any school. In the speech of Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman (Finance Minister) suggested that even amidst the lockdown the digital and IT companies can work if they can set up work from home.

Many schools are on board with the concept though they might still have a few restrains about using technology in schools. It is about showing the students to show right uses of the technology, lead the way.

Plan Your Online Classes

Your students are not actually in front of you. Indeed, they most likely will never all be online, it is “taking a blind leap of faith” that you will do your best.
  • Planning is fundamental for an online classes, as the students are in home.
  • Virtual students are extraordinary - their necessities are not the same as their physical partners.
  • Make certain to have your schedule and materials shared out before class begins.
  • This will offer students a chance to check whether your classroom can fit into their lives.

Get Ready and Master Technology


Teaching on the internet requires a specific talent?

  • No! As a matter of first importance, put resources into the correct format.
  • You need a dependable PC, a solid internet connection, and good tech support.
  • There are many choices out there. eSchoolApp , for instance is an amazing setup where support available during Indian working hours.

Setup No Distraction Environment for Online classes

  • Working (by and large) is the following test. Without the ideal condition and self-restraint, work from home can turn into a bad dream.
  • Set up a workspace. On the off chance that conceivable, this space ought to be a planned one for work as it were.
  • You need this space to be warm and welcoming, also inspiring enough to keep the work conduct.
  • Keep your workplace liberated from interruptions like TV, other relatives, or family unit tasks.
  • Good lighting and chair that can go far in setting up your optimal workplace.

 Enhance and Stimulate Discussions

  • Online classes as quoted above are a contrast to regular classrooms.
  • They can feel like cold and mechanical without any diagram, or like a long boring seminar with only one person speaking.
  • Starting and empowering conversations can help students engage in the class and might open up ways to explore.
  • Use videos and diagrams to explain a concept.

There are a variety of ways you can get response from classrooms and to observe advancements.


  • You can generate the Online tests with eSchoolApp , it will give you a student-wise analysis of the results.
  • Stick to weekly schedule rather than simply turning delayed work into assignments.
  • This leads your students to get more out of your group - something beyond an evaluation.

Request Help and Feedback

- Your students can furnish you with feedback that can help you in overcoming the restrictions.
- Online classes are not new to students but to a teacher it can be new.

You can ask for help.

· It will enable students to learn and would keep them involved in the situation, as simple as how to zip a file or where to find a particular resource.
· The experience may assist them with informing you on the positives and negatives of your general online class.
· Training is a 'sharing' field thus these classes could prove priceless insights to your teaching experience.

To conclude we can definitely add the importance of the reachability. Having your own unique application is good for multiple reasons.


Ease of access

Exposure to digital age

Supports digital literacy

Lead by example

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