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How to Spend Less Time Grading? Are Online Exams way of future?

Online exams have definitely made their way in to mainstream exams and have easy options to prepare the students for competitive exams. Grading the exam papers and doing it without help of any tools takes  a lot of time. Managing many grades or classes becomes tedious without the right methods. It accumulates work load and develop bias in teacher. They are unable to check the answers as they are or provide the right direction to the students as well.

There are many methods to reduce the grading time and increasing the efficiency of the  teacher.

You are not  working as a copywriter that needs to publish a book, you need to facilitate the growth of the students.

We will discuss here the best practices and methods that will reduce the grading time.

Effective exams

The questions or assignment that you give to students can have all the criterion that you are looking for in a compact form. Have a list of all the skills that you are testing in the test.

It will help you in creating efficient and effective question papers in the first place. Are you using a  software for school management  that helps you do it? Do you have a premade question bank? You can filter them and assort them on the base of the skills that they are trying to test.

Rubrics method of grading

It works on the above principle once you have all the criterion set in your head. If you want to measure say the comprehension abilities or the analytical ability of the students. You can add dimensions to the ability like, are the students able to comprehend? If they are able to comprehend but not express it? If they are expressive but not grasping the topic.

Grading them on base of this criterion makes grading easier. 

Rubrics method of grading
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MCQ based online exams

There are multiple online apps that you can use to conduct online exams and tests, eSchoolApp being one of them. Where you can conduct and push tests on the devices of parents that the student can access and take the test. These tests get graded and instant results gets published for the both students and teacher.  All this at a fraction of cost, and you can get branded apps along with a free website.

Go for word count

In Indian context, giving effective to the point answer is a trend that is only followed in science stream. If extended to other subjects as well, the questions framed for keeping the word limit in mind. One should not prefer descriptive answers in the question for 5 marks. It keeps students from writing long answers.

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Marking right

Recently teachers have started following a predefined format where in, teachers would have a set of error. Say  if there are more than 5 errors in the answer sheet a set amount of points gets marked, if the answer was in the right context or format.

We would suggest that the marking system must be more humane.  Scrutinizing the student is always bad. Let them know where they are being wrong to facilitate the vicarious learning. Marking the papers and then generating the results in desired format can is easier with eSchoolApp. If you wish to see and try a demo. Please feel free to contact us on 1800-212-8088 of fill the form here.