Need for Schools to embrace Digital India and use School Management Tools


This module is mainly used for sending notifications to the app of the school. Notifications like – Homework , Marks or any type of Informational Messages


There are few simple steps which are to be followed to use Notification module. We will learn the notification module by understanding its sub module one by one, also we will provide you step by step process as how to use it.

  • Go to Notifications module, you will see a drop down menu in which you can see the sub-modules of it. The first sub module is Defaulters List .
  • Defaulter list :- This list shows the name of the student whose fees is due up till date. In this segment you can search the defaulter students by using various filters such as :- Class , Months . Fee Business Head or Date (on which the fees is expected).

For ex, if you want to see the defaulter students of III – B whose fees is expected by 31st December 2015. So,

  • Go to Notification>Defaulter List
  • Click on the box near class, and from drop down menu check on III std.
  • Now select section i.e. B
  • In the box near Expected By , enter the date i.e. 31/12/2015.
  • In type, select others.
  • And in business head select all. Then click on GO.

It will process for a while and will provide you with a list of Defaulter Student, with Total Deficit Amount on the top right corner. By using same steps you can view defaulter student of other classes or of the whole school by selecting ALL in Class and Section.

Below you will see a box in which “Select Reminder” is written,and after that there are two tabs:- Cloud and Generate Excel.

This is mainly used to send Notification to the defaulter students. There are three reminders for the students who have not submitted fees.

  • Reminder – 1 :- 15 days prior to the date of expectation
  • Reminder – 2 :- 10 days prior to the date of expectation.
  • Reminder – 3 :- 5 days prior to the date of expectation.

By this parents will get Notification in their app that the fees of your child is due and the expected date is 31/12/2015.

Defaulter list is very useful in keeping track of the students whose fees is not submitted and also to see what is the Total Deficit Amount which is due for school.

Below image shows you the main defaulter list form and the filters. And also the list of defaulters of III – B whose fees is expected by 31/12/2015.