Can School ERP help?: Class teachers as a mentor, Going beyond roles

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. -Peter Drucker”

School ERP like eSchoolApp is a comprehensive tool that provides data to the administrators and teachers. How to use that data ?

Class teacher, that one teacher to whom students can relate to and communicate to for all their troubles and worries about. 

Teachers are not only teaching they are an active member of the school community, that also facilitates and manages students. Though a teacher may not be a management member but, a class teacher have to manage the class assigned to her. 

To manage the students a teacher has to connect with the students at a base level. To understand the depth of students the Role of ERPs  is irrefutable. The digital classrooms may never overtake the real classrooms but using digital tools can help you in many ways.

Knowing the scope of a subject teacher is conducting tests unit wise and class wise, school management ERP can give you a comprehensive data about the students strength and topics that can be improved. Revealing the strengths of the student and where they can be aided. 

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The class teacher must aggregate these facts and present it to the students and parents alike. For this a comprehensive report can be a useful tool. Since, you can customize your own reports.

Intercommunicating within staff and having to fulfil the deadlines can become difficult with all the responsibilities as a teacher and a manager, Using a Task log and Internal ticketing system can definitely aid the process and help a class teacher keep track of all the necessary activities


Communication is very vital for any parent and teacher and using a communication tool that is assorting all the issue of the parent and student, is very vital, despite having WhatsApp and Telegram, we are restricted by the File size that can be sent, or it becomes difficult to aggregate the information as everyone puts in all the information like a dump and teachers have to scavenge through the data to figure out who sent what.

 Timetable is a central asset to which the whole school functions around, and its changes with season and having a flexibility to randomize it and create it as per your needs take the edge off.

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