5 Habits of Great teachers, Can parent app for schools help them

“Teachers are the reflection of the society” We definitely agree that an effective teacher should possess the qualities in order to stay positive and embrace the new changes in the technology  thanks to the digital era, IoT, Parent app for schools and much more owing to the Fourth Industrial revolution. Our list below tries to analyse which teacher skills makes…

Homework: How Much Is Too Much?

Research indicates that how right educational practices for high school and college students must benefit in competitive exam gaining knowledge of the co curricular activities and complete Holistic development and well-being. This involves homework, curriculum planning and much more.  Study shows that too much homework can impact on students: Terrible Pressure According to the survey…

school management software

What is school management software ?

What is school management software ? School management ERP software is a software that is effectively used throughout the education industry that will give you a hold over all the necessary process in the school administration like fee collection, attendance management, admissions, accounts and much more.  The School management software can be both online and…

Take Away from the Distance Learning

The lockdown is being eased in multiple parts of the country and everyone is coming out with wisdom and more understanding towards one another, teachers have coped up with the digital age and are now conducting online classes. Here’s what we found after discussing with many teachers.

How to conduct efficient online classes

For board exams next year, CBSE schools begin online classes  Times of India (Apr 16, 2020) Education is moving towards the digital age, where Movement like “Digital India” and “Make India” are boosting the trends towards the Digitalization. ‘Online classes’ is definitely a way forward for any school. In the speech of Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman…


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School HD Logo (min resolution 512 x 512)
School Work Order clear image (after confirmation hard copy printed on school Letterhead with Seal and sign)
Fee Structure (Running Session)
Students data (In Excel Format)
Staff data (In Excel Format)