Preschools in India

10 Best Preschool Chains in India

Pre-School A Preschool also referred to as nursery faculty, playschool or kindergarten that’s presenting early life schooling to youngsters before they begin primary schooling, that is between 3-5 years of age. These are the Schools that Manage kids under 6. Why Preschool? Children who attend Preschool are prepared to enter kindergarten, both academically and socially.…

Build a digital ecosystem for your school community

School Management

1. Student Information   Attendance, homework, discipline, grades, and achievements! Best School Management Software in India takes care of those are the aspects that parents need to see about their wards. A log of all the details that are involved  in students growth must be maintained by staff. A good school management software will have the facility…

Scholar and Staff Register

Scholar Register

Each and every details related to the students studying in the school is stored and can be accessed in Scholar module of the eSchool ERP. The user can manage all the data related to the students be it their personal information or documents or class details,ID cards etc. There are different segments for different purposes…

How to send Report Card to parents

Results Management

To know about CCE; visit the following Link: What is CCE? In the functioning of school each and everything is kept aside when it comes to Studies and Getting Results. The whole reputation of the school is depended on the Academics of the students. Nowadays there are various rules which are which are applied by…

School Management Solution / School management application

Take your School to Cloud 9

Take your school to cloud 9 with eSchool. Boost the efficiency of your school ten folds by our resilient and trusted ERP. Make the parents happy, informed and impressed by our state of the art eSchool App.

Scholar and Staff Register

Scholar Attendance

The daily attendance is one of the most crucial task of every school. But eSchool handles it very smoothly and provides a very soothing experience while marking attendance, along with reducing a lot of paperwork and manual labour. Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

Library Management Application

Library Management

In today’s time, almost each and every school is having a vast library. And it is also mandatory for each school to keep the latest and updated collections of book in their libraries. This helps in increasing the knowledge of the students and also enhance their productivity. In eSchool ERP the Library module’s functioning will…

Mark Attendance through RFID and NFC cards

Student ID Card

Many schools have made school identity card compulsory in their school for all the students studying in that school. The school issue ID cards to the students. Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

GPS Tracking for Students

Transport Management

Many different things like Scholar Information, Attendance, Fees, Staff etc everything can be managed but it is also very much important to manage one more crucial thing ie Transport. eSchool ERP provides a very smooth and easy to access Transport module, which helps the school to manage all the day to day activities related to…