• Independent Sessions: eSchool treats each school session independently. This means manage fee accordingly configurations of one session do not impact other sessions. You have the option to define the start date and end date of each session separately or define it globally for all sessions.
  • Fees Heads: Define and manage fee heads and group them as per school fee structure. eSchool also supports optional fee heads.
  • Course Setup: Define classes and group them by fee slabs.
  • Definition: Define yearly fee expectations by fee heads for each fee slab.
  • Installments: Define installment dates for when the fees are due.
  • Fine: Define rules for fine calculation.
  • Concessions: Give discounts to students on a percentage or in terms of amount. Use templates for common discounts like RTE, BPL, staff-child, sibling, etc.
  • Payments: Accept partial payments or complete payments. Inbuilt checks to prevent overcharging and optional locks to enforce fees for the previous session are paid first.
  • Modes: Supports multiple modes of payment: School, Bank, Cheque, Cash. The mechanism to an auto-cancel fee if cheque bounces.
  • Receipt: Customized Fee receipt in multiple formats. Next due date and amount mentioned on the receipt. Receipt cancellation with comments.
  • Explanation: Head month-wise bifurcation of the amount displayed on the screen. A complete history of payments received in the given session.
  • Reports: Multiple reports can be generated for fee collection, concessions, upcoming expectations, reconciliation, cheque clearance, etc.
  • Refund: Calculate and provide refunds for students leaving school in between sessions.
  • Serial Print: Export all receipts in a given serial number range.
  • Delay Application: Accepts a delay payment application from parents and optionally generates a defaulter list without delay applications until the date mentioned in the application.



Auto Receipts

Over fee counter, the fee is already configured,  just collect the fee receipts would be automatically generated, you can print or send it to the customers as pdf.


Online Payments

Completely online first utility that promotes parents to skip the long lines and make payments online.


Challan and Concession Supported

Configure the Challan receipts for your entrance exams or apply a live concession it’s all possible with eschoolApp


Defaulters report and expectations

Consolidated report about your collection from defaulters to your expectations and actual income. Everything on your fingertips.

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