• Live Tracking: Our services can integrate GPS device. When the vehicle is running it keeps them updated every minute for a location so that your ward is always on time.
  • Replay:  You playback any live trip from the past to check the stoppages of the bus and to address any complaint
  • Real-time Checks: Once the speed limit is set at the system any time the driver over speed parent and admin will get the immediate notification to illustrate the vehicle has exceeded the speed limit.
  • Support: We at eSchoolApp deliver the offsite support for the devices that you purchase with us. To ensure a smooth and safe traveling experience for students and admins alike.
  • Preventing Bus Theft: GPS device helps the authorities from any theft.



No delays

Unlike, any other software we take pride in the fact that every location is updated in real-time and there are no delays in our information.


Trusted devices

Over the years the reason why we have repeated customers is fact that we have delivered the products that can be trusted on.

Improves Efficiency

Savings manual routing and scheduling can cause errors which might incur significant monetary losses. Employing a GPS allows you to be aware of the distance covered and the fuel burned by each vehicle.

Zero Hassle

When we send out the GPS devices and you receive it, we help you with 2 min setup overcall.

One Point Contact

You don’t have to worry about contacting varied customer service representatives for fixing your devices. We are the only point of contact you need to fix the device-related issues.

Record Managing

By having a GPS vehicle tracking system, the school will be able to monitor and store the activity of each vehicle.