Each class has numerous class tests, group discussions, recitations, etc conducted daily. Inform the parents about the kid's performance as soon as the evaluation is done via data, graphs and charts. Publish PDF mark-sheets at the end of term.

The process of eduction is a never ending process of evaluation. More so with CBSE, ICSE, CBSEi and other major boards employing evaluation mechanisms like CCE. For nay given class, every day there are numerous class tests, Group discussions, peer evaluations, quiz competitions, MCQ exams, pen paper tests, etc for various subjects. Now it is impossible to inform parents about all the results via printouts and counter productive to inform them via SMS.

The eSchool App is here to change this. It enables the schools to enter evaluation results as they happen and inform the parents in real time. The App also enables the school to publish results in pdf, along with graphs and charts to help parents understand the scholar's performance.

eSchool also enables the school to prepare mark sheets, ready to be printed, sealed, signed and handed over to the students. It produces numerous administrative reports to identify missing mark entries, grades, failures, absentees, weighted average reports.