Enables the school to Display annual schedule for academics, holidays, exams, activities, assembly topic and multiple other categories in the parent's mobile.

School Calendars are typically divided into various categories : Exam Calendar, Holiday Calendar, Activities, etc, also this information is not the same for every class on any given day.eSchool App helps you send only the relevant information to the parents. This means, on a given day the school might have a fun fair for Classes I to V but for higher classes it might be a sports day. eSchool App will show the right information to each parent, depending upon the class their child is studying in. The App home screen shows the next five upcoming events every day, so that the user does not get overwhelmed with the data. The calendar information is shown to the parents month-wise, week-wise and day-wise.

And that's not all, with eSchool Calendar, you can define importance level of an event. The students get automatic notifications for high priority events on the day of the event and the day before.