School Diary

A complete timeline view of informational, homework, fees, results related information being sent by the school on a regular basis !

School diary captures homework, fee reminders, result declaration and all other informational communication / notifications / circulars sent by the school to the parent. The eSchool system allows the informational messages to be sent in a language of the schools choosing. This helps the schools connect with the parents in a language that the understand and derive better results. Pdf and jpg files can be attached with these notifications which can be downloaded and viewed on the parent's mobile. Mobile notifications are sent to the parents instantly when a new message is being sent from the school. The school can send notification to selected group of students or the entire school, just by the click of a button. For sending notifications, students can be selected on a wide variety of parameters ranging from Class, gender, bus stop, caste, religion, pending documents, admission date, etc. extending to user defined filters. Excel style forms on the ERP ensure that all the data entry for this information is completed within minutes for the entire school
In summary, the eSchool notification system :

  • Allows sending multilingual messages
  • Allows attaching pdf and jpg files with each message
  • Alerts parents when a notification is sent
  • Helps facilitate very specific targeted audience for each notification