Homework: How Much Is Too Much?

Research indicates that how right educational practices for high school and college students must benefit in competitive exam gaining knowledge of the co curricular activities and complete Holistic development and well-being. This involves homework, curriculum planning and much more. 

Study shows that too much homework can impact on students:

Terrible Pressure

According to the survey statistics. 56% of the scholars consider it as a primary supply of stress. 49% viewed assessments as a number one stressor. 33 % positioned the pressure to get suitable grades in that category. Less than 1% of the scholars stated homework became no longer a stressor.

Health Problems

Many students claimed that too much homework pressure leads them to less sleep and other health-related issues. Some researchers also found out that students have health problems such as weight loss and headaches.

No time for socialization and co-curricular activities

It is the fact the more time students spend doing their assignment, the lesser the time they have for developing other critical life skills. Too much homework pressure leads them to drop activities, hobbies, meet and see their friends, enjoy their leisure time with family.


Students see homework as a burden from school, yet it doesn’t change the fact that it does help the students in various ways.

It teaches students some very important skills which help them to know their interest zone. The subject they like to discover more. It helps them find their hidden capabilities, learning strategies. What can work best for them?

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Homework can become the saviour. Students can learn things at their own pace. It gives an opportunity to look at things with a fresh perspective and work from the comfort of their home.


With all the good things that can achieve for doing the homework yet, it comes with its own consequences.  Too much, can cause in some or other ways.  This can cut their time students spend on hobbies, sports, and time with family. Since for youth, it is very important to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Academics and Extracurricular should go hand in hand. Doing anything more than lead falling back on another. This could lead them to lose interest and motivation. Spending less time on sports, social gathering makes them lethargic, and they become anti-social.

How much homework is enough ?

According to the National Education Association and the National, Parent Teacher Association. They agreed on the average time students can spend on homework.

1) 10-Minute Rule: Students should spend 10 mins a night per grade level spending on the assignment.

2) 36 mins for students in Grade V.

3) 39 mins for students in Grade VI to VIII.

4) 100- 200 mins for students in Grade IX to XII.

It means if Grade First student is spending 10 mins on homework than the Grade Tenth should spend at least 100 mins. This procedure should follow for each grade to achieve the positive outcomes of Homework.

Giving the homework aptly would not only boost the moral of the students but will also move them in the right direction. Giving the right quantity of assignment not only harnesses the interest of the student, but also helps in revision.

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