In short, take your Library catalog mobile with the eSchoolApp and with availability and expected return dates. In other words, manage all the book records with so much ease. Secondly, the librarian can maintain, issue, enter and edit the book records with just simple procedures. Above all school can convert all the manual records into a digital form.
Manage Library
For instance school’s library has numerous titles belonging to various authors and publication houses. Therefore eSchool enables the school to take the catalog online on mobile. So that the patrons can research better while borrowing from the library. Also, parents can check the availability of books in the library in the mobile app.
Manage Library 2
For example, the system provisions the librarian to tag each book into multiple categories like Science,classwise, etc. After that using the App, the library catalog can be browsed and searched by title, author, publisher, and user-defined categories.
Manage Library 3
In short, Librarians can use the system to generate a defaulter list. For stock verification at the end of the term. In this way, this helps the librarian to receive the issue book on time. On the other hand, students charge with a fine if they don’t return the issued book the time.
Manage Library 4
As a result, eSchool helps the librarian manage the library better. This is a desktop-based interface. In this way, this is to manage the accession register, supplement register, and issue register.
Manage Library 5
Moreover, the library catalog can also be browsed and searched by title, author, publisher, and user-defined categories. So the information displayed includes all the above fields in addition to the availability information of the book. However, if a book is issued, the App informs the patron about the expected return date of the book.


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