Create Party

Admin’s mobile App allows the school’s authoritative person to input the parties’ names through which daily debit and credit transaction is taking place. It ultimately helps the school to figure out the expenses and income individually.



Create Vouchers

Admin’s mobile App allows to make the voucher entry of every incoming and outgoing transaction. Schools can make the selection based upon the configuration. School can select the Voucher Head, Party Name, Payment Mode, and Amount type (Credit or Debit). Afterward clicking on the submitting button, voucher receipt generates in pdf format.

Manage Vouchers

Similarly, like the web-based ERP vouchers. eSchoolApp gives you the easiest and fastest way to get all the accounts updated on time.

Teacher’s App allows school accountant to enter the daily transaction details directly into the ERP. Now say Goodbye to old manual methods of maintaining the long and clumsy receipt voucher book.

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