Goodbye bunking! Now, with the eSchool App, the parents can keep a track of the attendance percentage of their ward. As a result, parents get instant notifications if a child is absent from school.
Attendance Notification
Using the eSchoolApp, the parents get instant information about their ward’s information on a daily basis.
Attendance Calendar
As shown in the figure on the left, a calendar type grid is used to inform the parents about the monthly and session percentage of the child’s attendance in the school in the given year of the term.
Attendance Holiday
The information about the holiday (H), absence (A), or leave (L) is clearly shown on the calendar along with the attendance percentage for the current month and the session.
Attendance announcement
Parents also receive system notifications when their child is marked absent on any given day, gives them that peace of mind that the child has reached school.
At the school’s end, eSchool generates reports for compliance containing information such as No. of students in school, No of Girls, No of boys, No of SC students, No of ST students with their attendance.
Attendance Information
eSchool also helps in generating appreciation cards for students and analysis of attendance information.

Internet of Things

eSchoolApp system can connect with variety of Hardware devices for data automation. This gives transparent and reliable reports without the need of human intervention for data entry. For more details click here. All hardware offered by us has been extensively tested to work with eschoolapp. For prices please click here


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