5 Habits of Great teachers, Can parent app for schools help them

“Teachers are the reflection of the society”

We definitely agree that an effective teacher should possess the qualities in order to stay positive and embrace the new changes in the technology  thanks to the digital era, IoT, Parent app for schools and much more owing to the Fourth Industrial revolution. Our list below tries to analyse which teacher skills makes any teacher an awesome teacher. Effective teachers should be those who enjoy teaching, make a difference, stay organized, open-minded, spread positivity, and find inspiration. 

1. Comprehensive Teaching

Teaching career is quite broad that includes dealing with a wide variety of students and understanding their needs and perform accordingly. It becomes very enjoyable and rewarding, though it becomes exhausting sometimes. A person should opt for their career as a teacher if they love children and intend to spread the knowledge. If a teacher only makes children learn from textbooks, it is ineffective.

Traditional book learning must be complemented with effective lesson plan clear and should be communicated it to the parent app via the parent app for school. The plan must be suitable to  all types of students. Let your compassion shine every day with your inputs. Enjoy teaching to the fullest.

2. Adapt to the new age tools

Teacher’s play the most integral part in the student’s life. Hence, teachers need to adopt new ways of education and the digital era. They must be habitual to adapt themselves to the requirements of the industry and have concise knowledge of all the trends

These will help them to navigate the demand in teaching. It has been observed in the school and educational institute when the teachers are more adaptable their students tend to achieve the higher goals.

For Example:

1) Run into the diverse groups of learners and students to whom teachers must have to respond appropriately.

2) Confronting the challenges brought in the classroom while delivering the lectures or make improvisation in the classroom to meet the needs of the students.

3)  Cooperate with co-colleagues, parents, and students.

4) Learn and adapt new challenges in the teaching and professional learning into their teaching practices.

All the above things are mandatory to adopt the change in order to be a successful teacher. Adapting to new things requires more time and involvement. Better engagement management with students, preventing frustration if the lesson is not going according to plan, and cooperating to work well with new colleagues.

3. Teach with a clear objective

The sole purpose of teaching anything is to deliver something with purpose and clear instruction. Understanding the goal of teaching along with the implications allows the teachers to be more intentional about teaching.

Teachers should follow the steps to achieve their learning objectives.

1) You should prepare what instruction you’ll give before you enter the class

2) Gather the student’s attention with an interactive opening line that’ll hook them till the end.

3) Deliver lesson with precise instruction and if possible make it in the native language.

4) Check for understanding and monitor the student’s response. That’ll help it for the assessment purpose.

Up to what extent the teacher is able to meet the above objectives. ? Please record your self-assessments

4. Possess the skill to connect home and school

This is very important for teachers and parents to work together to provide the best learning experience possible for children. Some key things to remember while establishing connections between home and school.

For Educators:

  1.  Communicate Regularly: Identifies what type of communication works best for parents and students.  Nowadays most schools are preferred communication over their own branded parent app school. For more details on how one to one communication can be possible on your own school brand click here for more info https://eschoolapp.in/parent-app-features/

“Communication can be different for each parent. Therefore, it is important to consider multiple methods that may include weekly newsletters, notification on websites, emails, phone calls, text messaging, social media, and parents- Teacher Meeting.”

  1. Organizing an open event 

Schools can organize an open day event every year and allow parents to enter their child’s classroom. Planned events around a family theme where parents can participate in it. The more parents involved in school academic curricular activities the more they get familiar with the staff. In this way, the children become more confident in getting to open up with teachers and other peers.

Schedule monthly timetable using eSchoolApp parents academic calendar on the parent app for schools. Create a school timetable on go for more details Visit here https://eschoolapp.in/school-calendar/

eSchoolApp provides you a brilliant way to bring the school, home. All the parents are easily informed on your own branded parent app for school. Schedules events at a variety of times whether it is morning, lunch, or after school to accommodate different families and their schedules. 

5. Life-Long Learner

Teachers are the ones who educate society and to develop the student’s future. Hence, teacher’s learning shouldn’t be stopped at any point in time.

“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself”

Ultimately teachers are self learners, both outside and inside the school. The idea is to make sure that teachers grow overall. Therefore, our learners become more independent and ready to learn things from the various platforms.

Awesome teachers are well accepted by the students because they feel they can be safe with them, every teacher is awesome in their efforts. In  order to help the teachers with streamlining their efforts as a team and all the work that goes in developing the child’s thinking and learning capabilities.

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