Filters:  The information is sorted by the dimensions of your institution like fee management, library, or student records. Any changes made in one of the dimensions will be reflected particularly.

Live time update: All the updates in the activity log are in real-time and there is no delay, any action taken and an entry made,  in a well-logged system.

Records: Any old information or changes that need your attention can be found in our systems.

Unalterable:  Once anything is logged in the activity log, it cannot be amended or changed not even by the super admin.


Responsible Staff


If everything is logged into the system the staff automatically becomes more responsible for their activities/changes that they make in the system.

If there is any event of gross mismanagement or delay it can be tracked with the activity log.



This is a step towards a transparent system that means everything action in the system or school can be accounted for.

The restricted access and the information that is sorted by modules and usage make it more comprehensive and understandable for the admin user.