Online Class


Schedule Online Classes

Online classes are time bound and can be planned in advance,

Zoom Integrated Classes

Continue using your existing setup with eSchoolApp, a centralized system that helps school administrators track the ongoing classes


You can see the attendance report of all the students that are attending and joining your class.
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Combined class report

See report of all your  running and scheduled online classes. Students and teachers can also plan their day around easily.



Zoom Integration

Zoom integration requires an API key, which our support team will freely help you with. It will help you with a seamless integration with eSchoolApp. Not only helping you with your branding efforts but also with management of your classes.

Import Schedule

You can import the schedule for the online classes well in advance to keep yourself and the staff well ahead and prepared. We can schedule  training for your teachers accordingly to ensure that your team is well-trained.

Start Class

 This feature is the ‘Power On’ button of the module, all the scheduled classes can be started here on the scheduled time. Every Class is scheduled for 40 mins by default. 
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Upcoming Classes

This feature acts as a reminder, and it notifies students and students alike about how the day is planned.

Class Analysis

This is a comprehensive module that gives you all the information that you need to understand what teachers are doing, how many students are joining the class. This gives a comprehensive view of the attendance of online classes by the students, by class and also for any individual. 

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