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eSchool is a state of the art school management software which helps school manage complex functions such as fees, results, attendance, library, stock, timetable, staff, salary, notifications, scholar, documents, transport, online examination, hostel, etc. The eSchool App is a revolutionary mobile/tablet communication tool between a school, its students and their parents which helps keep the parents informed, happy and impressed.

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What is eSchool?

Demos & Tutorials

A Quick Introduction!

Why Choose eSchool?

Yes, eSchool is flexible, scalable, reliable, inexpensive, robust, easy to use, secure and all the other good adjectives in the dictionary. But what gives us the edge over the competition? We give you all the right reasons! Other then the awesomeness which is hardwired into eSchool, we offer the following unique benefits.


Branded Apps

Carry your brand into the digital world! App listing in Google Play Store with your school name and logo.


Data entry automation by tight integrations with GPS, barcode, Attendance machines, mobile Phones.

Helper Apps

Supplementary App to help with data entry. App for teacher to simulate any scholar account in class.

Premium Support

Same business day remote support over phone and screen sharing. Report and receipt customization.


Reports,certificates & receipts as per CBSE/ICSE/IB/State Board guidelines.

Community Power

eSchool grows with inputs from customers & the benefits are passed to all users for free.


We speak your language. Unicode is supported by most of the forms, reports and apps in eSchool.


3rd Party Aware

eSchool is Excel friendly. Data can be imported from your old software and exported to Tally easily.

SMS Friendly

SMS integration in key modules help you reach out to parents on basic phones. SMS can be sent in local language also.
*18p per SMS


Dynamic Website

CBSE compliant mobile friendly connected website for school including hosting, domain registration & domain emails.
* 7000/year + taxes

App Features

Bus Tracking

Know the exact location of the bus in which your child is traveling in real time on a map.

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Make fee payments on mobile. Track fees schedule, fee paid, upcoming installment and pending installments for all the fee to be paid.

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School Diary

A complete timeline view of informational, homework, fees, results related information being sent by the school on a regular basis.

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Catch the glimpses of your school's photos, videos and watch live events.

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School Calendar

Access your school calendar from various perspectives : Academic, examination, festivals, cultural, religious, etc. (as defined by the school).

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Stay informed about your scholar's performance.

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Account for every book. Enable patrons to browse through the library and check availability.

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Track student attendance and inform parents instantly about child absence.

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ERP Features

Base Pack

The core features of eSchool ERP, included in the cost, as described in the Prices section

Very easy for parents to install!

No special instructions or password to be given to the parents. Very easy four step roll out process. All the parent has to do is

  1. Install the App on Android / iPhone mobile or tablet via the official Play store / App Store
  2. Enter parent's mobile number as per school records and tap on sign me up.
  3. Receive OTP via SMS if mobile number is found in school's scholar register. Enter the OTP
.. and done! This is a one time process and is required only during installing the app on a new device for the first time. Each student's data can be accessed from any number of devices, but the OTP will only be sent on the registered mobile number(s) as per the school's record. Also if the same mobile number is present in multiple student records (which is common in case of siblings), the app will let user switch between such students.

Still not Convinced?

Install the Demo App in your mobile or tablet to see the system functioning in all its glory!

For entering information from the school side or to check ERP demo, please fill the demo form. In case of any problems, please contact chat support or write to eschool@mrsoftwares.in

For viewing information as a parent :

Our esteemed clients

Some of our valued customers, spread across the length and breadth of India.


No Hidden Fees. No need to "Ask for a Quote" or "Contact sales" to know the price structure. We have the most transparent, affordable and simple price structure in the industry.

The eSchool software is charged based on number of students studying in school.
Strength upto 600 scholars
15,000 per year
Strength above 600 scholars
25 per student per year
Get started with only 60% advance!
Balance amount payable within 20 days from date of work order
Please Note
  • The above cost is exclusive of GST and all other taxes. Taxes as applicable
  • Annual renewal charges would be calculated based on the number of active students on the date of renewal.
  • Renewal payment should be done on or before renewal date as per the work order to enjoy uninterrupted services.
  • This price incudes all featurs of the app and all ERP features as described in the Base packs section
  • The above cost does not include any third party costing like (but not limited to) SMS, GPS, Biometric machine, RFID cards, advertising, SEO, computer hardware, data entry, networking, Internet expenses, operating systems, document editing software, Tally software, stationery, electricity expenses, manpower expenses, furniture fixtures, third party software, etc.
Optional Expenses(Only applicable if required by the school) All Prices are exclusive of GST. 18% GST payable in addition to the quoted prices. Shipping charges are included in the price
  • RFID / Biometric / Face detection machines for Student and Staff attendace with Battery / Wifi modules starting at just 6000.
  • Printed NFC / RFID Student ID cards, high quality satin lanyard printed with school logo and name, card holder at 80 per card.
  • 15.25 paise per SMS with delivery report.
  • GPS devices with school,parents tracking + SIM cards with one year data validity at just 5000.
  • 1,000 per bus per year for all subsequent years towards SIM data charges.

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