Need for Schools to embrace Digital India and use School Management Tools

School Calendar

Each school has a variety of tasks, events, activities and functions. This is a unique thing of every school that almost in every week there is some or other event activity which is also class specific. Like on saturdays usually in every school the last periods are activity periods and teachers and students are assigned various task related to arts, craft, education etc. This is a very crucial task to manage all this events as the teachers have to announce all the events in the class and students are told to note it down in their diaries and inform their parents about the events taking place in the school.
Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.


Also the schools have pre made whole year calendar which contains the list of all the Government Holidays, School Holidays, School Functions etc. which they provide to students or teacher. But in eSchool ERP we have a separate module to manage all these activities named Calendar. This modules help you in creating various categories and then assigning those categories to events happening in school and also display them directly to parents who are using your school app. There are two segments in this module namely – Calendar Event and Calendar Categories.

Calendar Category :- This is the first step before creating any event. In this segment categories can be made under which the events are going to take place or in layman’s term this the type of event which is taking place in the school.  

  • You will see a box in which various fields are to be filled.
  • Enter the Category name. For ex it can be Holiday, Government Holiday, Festival, Activity, Exam, Assembly Topic etc.
  • Make the categories according to the events which are taking place in your school.
  • Then select the Category Color from the drop down menu. This is the color in which the event created under that particular category will be displayed.
  • For ex if you select Red color for Holiday category then whenever you will mark holidays for particular date it will be displa