Apply Leave from Student App

Go paperless with Apply Leave, straightaway from parents app, and get it approved digitally.
Apply Leave ease of access

Apply Leave with Ease

Apply Leave all you need to do is use your registered device to apply for leave and wait for an administrator to approve it. They may call you to verify the reason and approve accordingly.
Apply Leave no paper

No more paper

Say no paper waste, no need for a paper application to get approval to post the leave. These can be done on the same day. No more written leave application submission and waiting for the authority to approve.
Apply Leave for

Administrator Approval

School administration has the upper hand and can verify the leave request to ensure it is not applied by mistake or students. If the reason is genuine they will approve it.
Apply Leave
Apply Leave auto update


No need to manually update the register and giving room for human error when everything is automatically updated for you.
Apply Leave for communication
Benefits Better communication: This brings better transparency to the communication between parents and teachers. It’s a step towards no bunking at the school level. Parents get an instant update on each activity performed on attendance and Leave.
Apply Leave for staff leave application
Staff leave application: When leave is approved it becomes automatically updated in the register as leave, be it staff or student
Zero hassle: Parents don’t need to worry about collecting and attesting documents. They can be simply sent in chat as images or PDFs to support the application.

Mobile friendly

Almost every eSchoolApp utility is mobile friendly and all parents need to do is use the school application for any proceedings be it application for leave or checking attendance. Once the leave approved by the administrator. Parents shall receive the push notification of approval.