Track All

You can track any and all the buses that are available in your school. As an admin, and it is very easy to track all the buses over your cellphone, more than you can watch the recording for any trip in ERP.

Alert system

To stop drivers from overspeeding, in this case, we have ensured that every time the driver speeds up from the predefined limit. This works in real-time and every instance of speeding is recording Likewise in the system with the location.
No lags

No Lags

The configuration of the system is such that every minute the data synchronization takes place In like manner, You would always be updated in real-time and parents alike.

Track Bus

Track any bus in an instant in real-time to ensure that everything is on schedule. Also, this functionality is available on the Student app and ERP so that parents can track the bus and prepare by using GPS tracking devices.

Analyze all GPS device

You can check all the devices for instance in a single window to keep them updated. Thus it will help you in taking advance actions for GPS tracking devices
Gps health monitor

GPS Health Monitor

This is all you need to check up on the condition of the device. You can get a consolidated report in the same window. You can get the maintenance done on the non-responding GPS tracking devices.

Trip Analysis

This will stop the driver and the bus staff from abusing the resources. It stops the private escapades as every movement of the bus is recording in real-time this will update the manager about speed and everything,
TIme saving

Time saving

You can monitor all the buses with ease over the eSchoolApp and can coordinate with driving staff. All the GPS tracking devices and their location is displayed in real-time.

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