Result: Most importantly, subjective teachers can instantly check the online exam result attempted by the students.

Add Questions

Firstly, the teacher you don’t need to enter the lengthy objective type questions in bulk in excel format. On the other hand, eSchoolApp provides you the easiest and quickest way to enter the objective questionnaire. So, teachers can enter questions via mobile in the comfort of your home.
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One Word Question

In addition to eSchoolApp, teachers can create “One Word Questions” in their question bank. Therefore, it helps the teachers to evaluate the student’s performance.

Images Insertion

Further teachers can create a very interesting pictorial graphical questionnaire for online exams. For each question, teachers can insert the images. Moreover, this is a very useful tool in an administrator app. As a result, each question can have a pictorial representation that eases the students to understand it quickly.

Online Exam

To clarify the online exam module is simply unlimited!!. It can also find its utility in interviewing and conducting competitive exams for the preparation or entrance.

All Tests in online exam

All Test: For instance, teachers don’t need to prepare long lengthy questionnaires paper in word or excel. In short, eSchoolApp provides an easy and quick way to enter all the objective type questions in the system directly with mobile. Also, teachers can import questions in bulk via ERP.

Send Credentials to Students

Most importantly, teachers can immediately send the password to all the scholars with the administrator app after the scheduled test.

Math ML Equation

Similarly, with eSchoolApp, it is now possible. Therefore, at no extra cost, to embed accessible math equations. When equations are in MathML they can be read correctly by a screen reader.
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Individual Analysis

The lengthy evaluation of individual students is quite time-consuming. However, with eSchoolApp this task can perform with ease. Also, individual analysis in the online exam page allows the teacher to evaluate the performance in each exam.

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