• Class Group : Group classes and name the group to use across various other reports and forms.
  • Banners : Customize and upload banners for report cards, TC, daybook, fee receipt and all major outputs from eSchool.
  • Open Session : Declare a session open or close for non – admin users. If a session is declared as close, non – admin users are not allowed to login to that session.
  • Define session : Define start date and end date for session. All validations in accordance to this definition. Session dates can also be defined globally for sessions where it is not to be defined explicitly.
  • Customize Scholar : Define fields particular to your school for scholar register along with default values and option to make them mandatory. Backup : Automated daily backups of entire database. Sleep peacefully.



Setup the email template

You can set the email addresses that will receive  the daily updates about you day book report, admissions etc.

Multiple branches

Configure multiple branches, as many you have to manage your students, no matter how big of a chain it is still manageable 

Configure your social accounts

Add your YouTube and Google photos account to ensure that your parents are updated with latest events.

One time configuration:

 We only have one time unique configuration that would be done by our expert team so that you don’t have to make ant further changes.

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