• Configure : Define next class for each class. Record Scholar numbers for scholars who have applied for TC in the middle of the session for next session.
  • Intake : Intake in each class section can be defined.
  • Admissions : System detects total admissions for the current session.
  • Promotions : No of students promoted from previous session to given class section.
  • Unprompted : Students who have not yet been promoted due to reasons such as fee payments or awaited supplementary result.
  • Calculate : Vacancy = (Intake + TC Apps) – (Promoted + Unpromoted + Admissions).
  • Vacancy Report : Single page report for vacancy across various class sections and overall empty seats in schools in this session as on date.



CRM utility

Manage all your inquiries in one place to ensure a streamline management, and effective admission process.

Website Integrated

Online admissions are made for online environment where with a website you can get more and more admissions.


Social media friendly

You can create social media campaigns to on board students and get more admissions it’s easy and you are sure to boost the admissions.


Mobile friendly

Nothing is better than mouth publicity parents can install the app and fill the forms via mobile application, to start the admission process.

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