• School Shop – School shop allows you to sell the products in your inventory; it’s like an instant cash register if you are taking payments in hand. You can add the partial or complete due to the fee for deferred part/full payment with a fee. Multiple templates of receipts to choose from every report available over application and ERP.
  • Templates: Predefined templates in the system can ease the administrator task. It helps the admin or associate person to apply the template to individual students. Various templates can be created depending on the categorization made up, such as school kits, stationery kit, uniform kit, and much more.
  •  Discounts: The administrator person can input the discounts in the system. This helps the school to ease up your process of concession.
  •  Partial Payment: Partial payment of school kits can be challenging to manage. However, with eSchoolApp, it can be done with much ease. You need to define the next date of partial installments in the system. In this way, the system creates the auto expectation in the system, and it’ll get added in the Fee Instalments Section.
  • Online School Kit Payment: No more standing in long queues or filling out forms. The process of purchasing the school kit is far quicker and simpler than ever. Students and parents seeking to check out an item can do so by using their School branded application. School kit payment can be made prior or later depends upon the choice given by schools. Parents can pay online using your school-branded app by selecting various payment modes such as UPI, Internet Banking, Debit, and credit cards.In the case of prior payment, school kit parents have to place a formal request in school to procure the item for which they have made the payment.



Sales Tracker

  • This can be used to track sales of the products and ensure that every item sold is accounted for. Simpler payment terms
  • eSchoolApp, you are sure to keep parents happy; your school kits’ payment can be added to fees. Making it easier for you and your parents to track and pay.


School Kit Management

  • Complete reports regarding inward and outward school kits.
  • School can easily get to know about the stock status summary like total in and out quantity, opening balances of items along with valuation of items like MRP, purchase rate, sale rate, etc.

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