• Staff Register : Manage complete staff information. Get a printable list of staff members filterable on several parameters.
  • Activation : activate and deactivate staff members as they join and leave.
  • Documents : Digitize and attach all documents related to a staff member. This makes it easy to locate the document later on when needed.
  • Teacher Duties : Assign subject duties to teachers for various class and sections. Assigning duty is necessary for generating timetable via the premium timetable module.
  • Subject duties : Assign teacher duties class wise. It is another view of the teacher duties form, here you assign teachers to subjects by selecting class first.
  • Department : Define departments as per school administrative structure.
  • Roles : Define roles under each department to further classify staff members.



Staff records simplified

When you have a big staff you need to have the organized information about them and their roles and duties in a birds-eye view. We get you that vision can be assigned special shifts.


Biometric Attendance

Attendance of the staff is as crucial as student’s and staffs attendance also work the same way.

Hr and Payroll

Based on the card tap logs the salary is automatically generated and awaits your approval  so that the right amount can be processed.


Special shifts

Some guest faculty ir teachers who only teach for 2-3hours in a week

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