School TimeTable

School TimeTable

This module allows user to keep records of timetables for all the classes in the school. User may create different templates to suit multiple teaching sessions at the school.

All the classes timetables are maintained in the system, each staff timetable with information such as subjects taught and free periods could easily be viewed or printed as and when required.

Time tables can be generated or sorted out by various means i.e. Class Wise, Teacher wise, etc.

Substitutions can also be managed easily with immediate information on any staff that has free periods.

Highlights of this module‚Äôs features can be found here.


There are many segments and sub segments in this module which we will discuss briefly below.

Need for Schools to embrace Digital India and use School Management Tools

Configuration:- This segment of Time Table module is the soul segment and the most important segment because in this you have to configure and specify all the essential details required for the generation of time table. Details like how many seasons school follow for time table, what are the teaching periods time in your school, no. of teaching periods for a particular subject, if there are any optional subjects periods, or any periods which are taken by combining two classes should be entered in advance to make the generation process smooth. Before generating the time table make sure that these steps and data entry process is taken care of. Also it is necessary to configure the Teacher Duties and Class Subjects Duties in the Staff module before generating the Time Table. There are two sub segments in Configuration.

Need for Schools to embrace Digital India and use School Management Tools

Seasons/Periods :- This is very important section as almost all the important details are configured here. There are three configurations in this section.

  • First you will have to tell the system about the seasons.
  • In many schools, the time table is different and varies from season to season. For ex in summers the timing of school is different so the periods timing is changed and therefore the time table changes and in winter the timing again changes and so the whole process is changed.
  • So in this section we define the seasons for time table generation in school.
  • Enter the name of the Season and click on Add.
  • You can delete any Season if you want by clicking the Delete Button.