This module allows user to keep records of timetables for all the classes in the school. User may create different templates to suit multiple teaching sessions at the school.

All the classes timetables are maintained in the system, each staff timetable with information such as subjects taught and free periods could easily be viewed or printed as and when required.

Time tables can be generated or sorted out by various means i.e. Class Wise, Teacher wise, etc.

Substitutions can also be managed easily with immediate information on any staff that has free periods.

Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.
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There are many segments and sub segments in this module which we will discuss briefly below.

Time Table

  • Configuration :- This segment of Time Table module is the soul segment and the most important segment because in this you have to configure and specify all the essential details required for the generation of time table. Details like how many seasons school follow for time table, what are the teaching periods time in your school, no. of teaching periods for a particular subject, if there are any optional subjects periods, or any periods which are taken by combining two classes should be entered in advance to make the generation process smooth. Before generating the time table make sure that these steps and data entry process is taken care of. Also it is necessary to configure the Teacher Duties and Class Subjects Duties in the Staff module before generating the Time Table. There are two sub segments in Configuration.


  • Seasons/Periods :- This is very important section as almost all the important details are configured here. There are three configurations in this section.
      • First you will have to tell the system about the seasons.
      • In many schools, the time table is different and varies from season to season. For ex in summers the timing of school is different so the periods timing is changed and therefore the time table changes and in winter the timing again changes and so the whole process is changed.
      • So in this section we define the seasons for time table generation in school.
      • Enter the name of the Season and click on Add.
      • You can delete any Season if you want by clicking the Delete Button.


      • After creating the seasons, the next configuration which comes is defining teaching periods in the school.
      • In this you tell the system about the structure of periods in your school. Like what is the period starting time, end time, whether it is a teaching period or not etc.
      • Select the season from the drop down menu. (the season which you configure earlier will be shown here).
      • Select the class for which you have to enter the teaching periods.
      • Select the Day and click on Go.
      • Then in the box which appears, enter the period start time, end time, remarks (if any), check whether that period is teaching period or not and click on Add.
      • After adding all the periods click on Submit.
      • If you to copy this structure to any other class then select the class from the drop below and click on ‘Copy This Data To All Days For Selected Classes’ button.
      • After clicking, this structure will be copied to all the classes which you have selected for all the days.


      • After defining all the Teaching Periods, now you will have to tell the system that how many single and double periods you want for a particular subject of a particular class for a season.
      • Select Season from the dropdown, then select Class and click on Go.
      • There will a note in red color which will tell you what should be the total now of periods. (this depends on the period structure you created earlier).
      • The subjects configured in that class will be displayed below and in front of each subject there will be empty boxes which you will have to fill.
      • Enter the number of Single Periods which you want for that subject in a week.
      • Enter the number of Double Periods which you want for that subject in a week.
      • After doing entry for all the subjects, click on Submit.
      • Enter the periods for all the classes.
      • All this configuration which you are doing here is a pre-process and is very much important in generating timetable. The generation of Time Table completely depends on these configurations.

Seasons,Periods (no.of periods per week)

    • Optional/Combine :- In almost every school, students of higher classes have at least one or more than one optional subjects in their curriculum. And in some cases there are two class for ex XI sci and XI com, both have English as their common subject and is taught by the same teacher so in that condition the teacher take a combined period of that subject for both the class. So in this segment you can define the optional as well as combine periods for any class in your school.
      • Select the type whether it is Optional or Combine or Both from the drop down menu.
      • Select the class for which you have to mention that type.
      • Select the subject(s) and click on Add.
      • You can Edit/Delete any entry if you want to by clicking on the relevant button.

*NOTE :- The teacher duties should be defined first.


  • Generate Timetable :- After configuring all the important details, like period structure, number of teaching periods and various other things now you can generate the time table in the GENERATE TIMETABLE segment. When you will open this segment you will see step by step process for generation of time table.


    • In the Step 1 select the season for which you have to generate the time table.
    • When you will click on Go, a table will open under the Definition of Special Periods.
    • Select class for which you have to define special period and click on Go.
    • The table will show all the periods which you configured earlier in teaching periods section.
    • Enter the period which you want to be there like yoga, or dance or anything like that which you to be on exactly that period you can mention it there.
    • After entering all the special periods, click on Submit.
    • If you want to copy that data to another class then select the class and click on Copy this Data to all Section For Selected Classes.
    • After defining the Special Period next step is to define Teacher Engaged Period.
    • In this step you can define the engagement of the teacher if he/she is busy on some other work or handles some more responsibilities as well other than teaching then you can mention that here.
    • Select the teacher or staff member from the drop down menu, and enter for which period he/she is engaged.
    • The use for defining that is this system will not generate period for that teacher at that time.
    • After doing all that configuration, and following all the step by step process, the last thing is to Generate.
    • Select the classes for which you have to generate the Time Table and click on Generate.
    • You can see the logs and processes the system does while generating the Time Table.

Generate Timetable

  • Class Wise Timetable :- After the full process of configuring and generating the time table, you can view the time table from this segment. In this segment as the name denotes you can view Class Wise Timetable and also export it in PDF form.


    • Select the season and the class for which you want to view the time table.
    • Click on Go. The time table of that class will be displayed below.
    • If you want to take out and save the class wise time table of all the classes then click on Export All To PDF button.
    • The PDF file will be downloaded containing class wise time table for all the classes.

Classwise Timetable

  • Teacher Wise/ Timewise :- Just like Class Wise Time Table, you can view Teacher Wise Time Table after generating it.
    • Just select the Season and then select the Teacher for which you have to view the Time Table, then click on Go.
    • The time table of that particular teacher will be displayed below.
    • You can save the time tables for all the teacher by clicking on Export All to Pdf button.

TeacherWise Time Table

  • Substitute Timetable :- If a Teacher of a particular subject is absent or has taken a leave for any reason, then in that case the school authorities send someone else to that teacher’s class. In school, we call it as Substitution Teacher. These segments allow you to generate substitution time table as well.


    • Select the Season from the drop down menu, select the date for which you have to generate substitution.
    • Select the Absent Teacher from the dropdown. (when you mark attendance for the staff in Mark Attendance in Staff module, then the teachers whom you have marked as absent will be shown here in this list).
    • After selecting teacher, click on Generate Substitutes.
    • And then you can view it from Show Generated Substitutes button.

Substitute TimeTable

  • Substitute Group :- In this segment you can make the various groups can be made which can be considered as Substitution Groups. And later you can assign substitution to these groups.
    • Enter the name which you want to give to that Substitution Group and click on Add.
    • You can Edit/Delete any group if you want by clicking the relevant button.


  • Export Configuration :- The configuration which you will make in the previous segments can be taken out or Exported in the form of PDF file by clicking the  Export PDF  button.

Export Configrution


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