GPS Tracking for Students

Many different things like Scholar Information, Attendance, Fees, Staff etc everything can be managed but it is also very much important to manage one more crucial thing ie Transport. eSchool ERP provides a very smooth and easy to access Transport module, which helps the school to manage all the day to day activities related to buses in the school, drivers details, expenses, mishaps maintenance and also one of the most innovative and beneficial feature of eSchool ie GPS Bus Tracking. All GPS devices can be monitored from this module.
Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

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There are many segments and subsegments in this module. We will discuss each of them briefly below.


  • Report :- As the name denotes, this segment is used to take out various reports related to the transportation and its maintenance. This proves to be very beneficial for the school authorities as they do not have to do all the typical and time consuming paper work to maintain all the records of transportation. Reports like Maintenance Report, Miscellaneous Report etc can be taken out.



  • Maintenance Report :- In this the information related to maintenance can be taken out and the maintenance of the vehicles in your school can be managed. This report will give you information of maintenance schedule and pending maintenance.


      • Just select the Report type, reg no. of the vehicle, route no., maintenance part and no of days and click Go.
      • The detailed report will be opened below which can be saved in Excel, Pdf or Word formats.

Maintanance Report

  • Miscellaneous Report :- In this segment, you can take out reports of various different things like various expenses, fuel costs, mileage, breakdown, accidents etc.


      • Select the date range of which you have to take out the report.
      • Select the type of the Report, there are many types namely – Logbook, Fuel, Bus Breakdown, Bus Accident, Maintenance, Misc Expenses, All Expenses etc.
      • Select the report type ie if you want summarized or detailed report.
      • Select Reg No. and Route No. of the bus for which you want to see that particular report. Then click on Show.
      • You will get full report according to your search query which can be saved in Excel, Pdf or Word format.

Miscellaneous Report

  • Bus Stop Schedule Report :- In this you can take out the report which contains detailed information of the stops of a particular route along with its arrival and departure time of all the configured trips.


      • Select the Bus Route from the drop down menu above and click on Go.
      • You can take out print or save this report in Excel, Pdf or Word file.

Bus Stop Schedule Report

  • Arrival And Departure Log :- This segment will give you report containing information of all Arrivals and Departures of the selected routes. You can save it in Excel, Pdf or Word file format.

Arrival And Departure Log

  • Paper Pending Renewal Report :- The documents of either the vehicle or its driver will be due for renewal at some moment of time and it is very much necessary to Renew it before it gets Expired. So this can be done using this segment. In this the report which is taken out contains all the information of the papers whose renewal is pending.


      • Select for whose paper you want to take out this report Bus or Driver or Both.
      • Select the vehicle Reg No..
      • Select type of paper for ex permit paper, PUC, license etc.
      • Enter the days in which the renewal is due and click on Go.
      • This report can be taken out in Excel, Pdf or Word formats.

Paper Pending Renewals Report

  • BUS :- If you want to take full benefit of the transportation module and make sure that it is working smoothly then the details related to transportation like Bus details, other Vehicle Details, driver details and various other entries should be done perfectly in the system so that there will be no problem in taking out various reports. In this segment the details of the Buses in your school are entered in the system.
    • Go to bus entry if you want to make a new Bus Entry.
    • Enter all the relevant details in the specific fields like Reg No., Model No., Year, Battery No. etc. the details should be correct.
    • Check whether the bus is in Use or not. Then click on Insert.
    • The entries which you will make will be shown in the Bus List. From here you can search the buses also by their reg no or purchase date.
    • You can Edit any entry if want to by clicking the Edit button in that list.
    • When you click on Details button of a particular bus, a pop up will appear which will give you details of the bus , fuel, maintenance, driver etc. It can be printed as well.
    • Clicking Documents button will help you in providing documents details and also uploading them. You can select the document file from your system and upload it.


  • Driver :- Just like you have done entry for Buses, like that the entries and details of the Drivers should also be entered in the System. Like in the Bus segment, in this segment also you will have to fill out a form containing necessary details of the driver and insert.
    • Fill up the form providing all the necessary details like Name, DOB, Address, Mobile No.,Licence No. etc. and click on Insert.
    • The entries you will make will be displayed in the list below. You can also search drivers by various filters provided.
    • You can Edit any entry if you want to by clicking the Edit button.
    • The documents of a particular driver can be managed by clicking on the Manage Document button in front of the name of that driver. Upload the documents, enter the respective details and click on Submit.



  • Fuel :- The buses of the school have to make many trips daily to take the students to and fro from the school to their respective stops. For this the buses should have ample amount of Fuel in their tanks to complete the trips without making any delays. This segment allows you to keep record of the fuel activities of all the buses in the school.


    • Select the date and click on Go. Below you will see the list of all the buses with Route No., Quantity, Rate, KM Reading etc.
    • Fill up all the relevant details, select the respective driver and click on Update.
    • If you want to change the fuel rates then enter the new rates in the box in the top right corner and click on Change Rates.
    • If you want to clear all the entries then click on Clear button in the Top left of the page.
    • Take out the print of the blank form if you want to do the entries manually by clicking on the Print Blank Form button above.


  • Log Book :- If you want to take note of the KMs from when the bus starts in morning till evening then you can do all that entries here.


    • Just select the date for which you have to do the entry and click on Go.
    • Fill up Morning KM and Evening KM in front of its respective bus
    • Select driver, make remarks or enter toll tax (if any) and click on Update.

Log Book

  • Bus Trip Log :- Just like Fuel and KM reading, you can do the entries for all the trips which a particular bus is making in the school. You can mention the time details, no. of students of either the arrival or departure trip of all the buses and all the trips (whichever you have made).


    • Select the date for which you have to do the entry.
    • Select the Trip Type (Arrival or Departure), then select the Trip Name and click on Go.
    • Enter all the specific data like time of the trip and no. of students in that trip and click on Update.
    • Take out the print of the blank form by clicking the relevant button.
    • If you want to clear all the entries, click on Clear All button on the top right corner.

Bus Trip log

  • Mishaps :- When the buses and various different vehicles are moving and doing transportation in daily basis then it is very likely that the bus can meet with any type of Mishaps on the way. eSchool ERP has a feature to enter all the mishaps which takes place with the bus.


    • There are various fields in the mishaps entry page.
    • Fill up all the relevant info like Route no., driver, accident date,  type, KM reading etc and click on Submit.
    • You can view the entries which you make in the Mishap List.
    • You can Edit/Delete any entry if you want by clicking the relevant button.
    • You can also take print out by clicking on the Print Blank button.


  • Expenses Log :- Keeping track of all the expenses done in either the maintenance or the repair of any of the parts of the vehicle is very hectic and time consuming. This time can be saved by using this segment which allows you to do all type of expenses related entries in it.


    • Enter all the relevant details in the Bus Expenses Entry Form like route no., date, KM reading, Driver, Cost etc. and click on Insert.
    • The entries you make will be displayed in the Bus Expenses List below.
    • You can Edit/Delete any entry if you want by clicking on the respective button on that entry.

Expenses Log

  • BUS Trip Config :- The trip which the bus makes in a day, whether it is for small kids, or higher class students or staff or any other thing can be configured in this segment.


    • Enter the Bus Trip Name, enter the type (arrival or departure), mention the time and trip order and click on Add.
    • You can Edit/Delete any entry if you want by clicking the relevant button.

*NOTE :- The Bus Trips which you make here, will be shown in almost every part of Transport Module and also plays a very important part while taking out various Reports. So make these entries carefully.

Bus Trip Config.

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[icon type=”glyphicon glyphicon-map-marker”] GPS – BUS TRACKING

One of the most innovative feature of eSchool ERP, which allows school authorities as well as parents of the student to track the buses in real time. Parents can track and get notifications in the app whenever there bus is about to reach their stop. And the school staff and management can monitor the same thing from the ERP’s Transportation module. There are various sub segments in the GPS segment.


  • Track Bus :- This is the first and most important segment of GPS, in which you can track your school buses or any of your vehicle in real time.
      • When you will open it, you will see Map in fullscreen with some option fields in top.
      • Select the date from the top, select the bus from the drop down which you want to track or want to see the trip details of.
      • There are two button, Show Running View will give you live information by tracking the GPS device installed in the bus. Show Stop View will provide you info of the stops of the bus which you have selected.
      • In the map below you can see the bus moving in real time. You can also take note of the points difference and stop difference.
      • You will see the bus halt for each and every stop which will help you in keeping the records of the bus updated every time.

Track Bus

  • Track All Buses :- It is same as Track Bus option, but the only difference is here you can track all the buses by selecting the buses one by one from the drop down menu in the Top left corner.

All Buses

  • GPS Health Monitor :- This segment will provide you the status of the GPS device which is installed in each bus with proper and detailed information. In this segment it will provide you a report like status with information like Device ID, Bus, Driver, Driver Mobile Num, Last Location, Last Stop etc. This report can also be taken out in the form of Excel, Pdf or Word file.

GPS Health Monitor

  • Trip Analysis :- This segment will provide you the brief knowledge and report of the trip. Like the trip which a particular bus took, how many stops were there, what was the time to reach the stops, bus details, device details, KM differences, either the driver has made Over stop or he is Over Speeding etc details can be taken out in this segment. Just select the bus from above , and enter the date range, select trip if you want, then click Go. You will get the detailed report of that Trip. This report can be taken out and saved in Excel, Pdf or Word formats.

Trip Analysis

  • Bus Grid :- This segment open all the routes and buses in grid view format to track all of them together in a single screen. You can see the image below for example. The bus number along with the Route name will be written in Green colour in the top.

Bus Grid

  • Stop Timings :- In this segment you can get a thorough information regarding the Stops of that particular bus. Just select the date and select the bus for which you have to see the details and click on Go. You will get the report below in which you can see info like Bus Details, Trip, Stop Name, Time, Stop Duration etc. This report can also be saved in Excel, Pdf or Word file format.

Stop Timings

  • Arrival Departure :- Just as the name denotes, this segment is used to see the Arrival and Departure trip details for a particular bus on a particular date. Just select the bus, select the date and click on Go. The report containing information like Bus Details, Trip, Departure Time and Arrival Time will open below. You can save and take out this report in Excel, Pdf and Word formats.

Arrival Departure

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