• Secure: Our websites work on HTTPS that is an instant authentication that your websites are completely safe and trustworthyUnlimited space:  Unlike other vendors or hosting services we don’t put a cap on your usage and how much data you want to host. Data must be in lieu with a few terms and conditions like no explicit content and stuff like that.
  • Support and maintenance:  Keeping a website and maintaining it are two different aspects, our team has made sure that your website is updated to recent trends and you are handheld while dealing with the website
  • Renewals:  We at eSchoolApp believe in the fact that we are delivering a solution to the customer and not a product, we don’t bother you for hosting or domain renewal we do it for you, however on your request you can do it personally as well.


Social Media Friendly

Our websites are social media friendly and ensure that you are connected on all platforms in case you want to run any campaign, you will be ready.