• Bird eyes view: Get a complete and comprehensive view of all multiple branches get detailed information on fee expectations and defaulters and much more.
  • User management: We have such a secure and safe system that the users can only access the information they are allowed to access. Only one super admin can view all the information.
  • No mixing of data: Our infrastructure keeps the student’s data separated by branches .There is no mixing of data.
  • Scalability: If you are planning to digitize and take up the franchise system, you can always create a new branch and add-on the number of students that you wish to enroll . Multiple Branching System helps create profiles of staff which can be set up for each branch to ensure a smooth workflow of data management.



Easy staff management

The staff can be assigned different duties and roles in branches and the data is restricted by the user permissions/ app permission. As per permission given by admin to the staff they can access the given permission page only. 

All in one place

All the necessary information which can be in different branches that you will get readily available accordingly, in one branch .


Mobile friendly

The super admin can have access to information of all the branches over the cell phone/mobile application . All the staff can work  from mobile in different branches according to their  assigned  branches . Hence, login in different branches is easy .


Sorted accounts

All the financial information pertaining to any branch or for all branches is at your fingertips via eSchoolApp only

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