• OE Analysis: eschoolapp provides the exam analysis that shows the complete information of the exams that have been conducted in the school. It enables teachers to give an organized and analytical report of students about their progress. Online exam analysis reduces the administrative burden of monitoring the test schedules, users, test taken, no. of attempts, percentage, and much more.
  • Bird-eye view: Online Exam analysis provides an overview of the test taken from the students to date with all export functionalities.
  • Easy Sorting: The report is filtered by multiple criteria with the help of filters that can assort data as per your need class-wise, staff wise, date wise, section wise, everything is possible with eSchoolApp.
  • Count Conduct: Get the figures for the number of exams to conduct according to the help of a filter.
  • Variance: Variance defines how the score is distributed among students.
    For eg.: A class average of 90.77% and a Variance of 100%@1 – 87%@4 means the average score of the class was 90.77, the maximum score was 100% secured by 1 student, and the Minimum score was 87% secured by 4 students.



3 Step procedure

Our utility is very simple to create tests, select questions, and schedule test just 3 three steps from your mobile phone to schedule the test.


Question Bank

Once you get your teachers a habit of uploading test questions in ERP you have plenty of questions for revision tests before the main final exam.


More than just MCQ's

Our new recent development included Math questions and their solutions and short answer type of questions.


Instant assorted results

As soon as the test is over results are readily available to teachers for analysis. Parents can see the results too over their app.


  • With the increase in demand for online exams. eSchoolApp gives you the flexibility to define online exam patterns for specific groups of students and conduct exams with ease.
  • Multiple institutions have fixed the criteria for students who are not eligible to attempt the online exams.

Following are the ways to manage online exams for the defaulter’s students

  • The system won’t allow the Fee defaulter to attempt the Online Examination till their expected installment is cleared.
  • Delay Application: This functionality allows the defaulters to attempt the Online Exam even if their name is available in the defaulter. In this way, it helps the students whose fees are expected to come in a few days.
  • Irrespective of the fee’s due status, anyone can attempt the online exams.
  • Lock online exam results to prevent false modification.

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