• Feedback: Our chats doubles as feedback mechanisms, where parents can get in touch with staff for their doubts rather than jamming telephone lines.
  • Easy to use: Our design is modeled after many common utilities like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, making it very easy to use and understand.
  • Attachments: With eSchoolApp attachments can be sent back and forth, these can be multiple images or documents
  • Anonymity: The fact that some feedback or chats need some level of anonymity from parents, eSchoolApp has a provision for that.



No More Groups

Instead of forming multiple groups over WhatsApp or telegram, all the messages go separately and individually.



The parents have their privacy to reply and can interact personally about their concerns.


Subjective Exam

Schools can conduct long subjective exams by sending the paper in pdf or image formats to students and students can reply back with multiple images or pdf files in the same thread.



eSchoolApp assorts all your messages rather than clogging your inbox like WhatsApp and telegram, every thread is assorted by modules and type of inquiry making it easier to address and track.

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