• Import Schedule: You can import the schedule for the online classes well in advance to keep yourself and the staff well ahead and prepared. We can schedule training for your teachers accordingly to ensure that your team is well-trained.
  • Start Class: This feature is the ‘Power On’ button of the module, all the scheduled classes can be started here at the scheduled time. Every Class is scheduled for 40 mins by default.
  • Inspection: This is the feature exclusive for the administration, and principals. Having an ideal school in our vision as the principal usually walks in on the classes and schooling sessions discreetly. Principals can join any session and assess the classroom progress
  • Upcoming Classes: This feature acts as a reminder and it notifies students and students alike about how the day is planned.
  • Past Classes: The online classes are recorded that can be played back as per the convenience for revision. It doubles as the gallery for all your records that takes close to an hour to update but post that they can be played like any other lecture on Khan Academy or YouTube.
  • Class Analysis: This is a comprehensive module that gives you all the information that you need to understand what teachers are doing, how many students are joining the class. This gives a comprehensive view of the attendance of online classes by the students, by class, and also for any individual.


Scheduled Classes

As an administrator it is important to have an understanding of the daily class plan, eSchoolApp enables you to keep a track of the same thing.


The feature that is missing from the zoom classes that is, attendance tracking eSchoolApp helps you track the Online classes with attendance over zoom

Skip WhatsApp groups

Our app helps you with a better approach to managing parent teacher communication. You can send one way links directly to the app notifications and manage the chats and feedback from parents, all while skipping the WhatsApp or telegram group hustle.

Better Branding

All your branding efforts would be more successful you provided branded online classes, not just any zoom classes.

We enable schools to have their own branded application with all the amenities that are required for a powerful online presence.

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