• Formats : Scholar ID Card of multiple  formats are available in the software you can choose .Thus, Prepare Scholar ID Card in Standard Credit size, in accordance with ISO/IEC 7810#ID-1.
  • Orientation :  Landscape or Portrait both the modes, you can choose according to your need of ID Cards
  • Automation : NFC / RFID Cards (available at an additional price) to automate attendance by tapping the card on companion machine Helper. 
  • App : Helper Android App to hasten the process of taking student pictures and assign Cards to them . However, which will make easy in marking attendance.
  • QR Code : QR Code for each Scholar ID. Therefore, assisting in data entry.
  • Reports : Reports to identify  the students who have not been given NFC/RFID cards (attendance card) or whose photo has not been clicked or uploaded in the ERP (software) .

Moreover, ID cards enhance the students security and monitoring the daily bases attendance of students. 


ID cards

Instant attendance

When the students tap their RFID cards (attendance card ) for marking the attendance, on the biometric machine at the same time the parents will get an instant notification of present  on their parent app .  
ID Card

Attendance via cellphone

If you opt for NFC cards , the attendance can be marked by a NFC enabled phone . Therefore, the notification of present will be sent to parents in a blink.


No proxy, RFID ID acts as primary attendance system which can be verified by class presence students  and remaining student who is absent can be marked absent , no scope of marking proxy  in attendance through RFID cards (attendance card) . RFID, however, helps in marking attendance directly.

Student ID Card


 ID cards can be customized to suit your needs, be it color or design.We are sure we can arrange ID Card as per your requirement. 

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