• Customizable Id cards: The cards come with a complete set of lanyards and holders. Cards can be customized as per your need.
  • RFID support: The cards we supply are not simple IDs they have RFID card chips built-in that get mapped to biometric devices easily.
  • DIY design: eSchool ERP allows you to design your own IDs. There are multiple formats to choose from. RFID cards are printed in standard credit size, in accordance with ISO/IEC 7810#ID-1.
  • Pre mapped: We as a team take an extra step and ensure that your cards are pre-mapped to the biometric devices that we send.



Instant attendance with Id cards

RFID and NFC technology send an instant notification to anyone using it. Allows users to keep track of the same.

Easy reports

The logs of attendance are easily maintained and can be easily accessed in the system. Therefore it can be exported for further use.

Designed by you

We enable you to design your own ID cards with our DIY module you can do the same very easily.

Id cards Express delivery

The bulk orders placed with us are expedited for easy use and the fact that everything is preset. Thus it instantly ready to use.

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