Being a Curriculum planner, leader like principal and an executioner like a teacher are completely different.

5 questions for successful curriculum planning

“Curriculum planner, can outlay the strategy and pertains to the theoretical aspect of the study.
Teachers, pertains to the practical and applied aspect of the process”
The Principal and the school leader ensure the implementation of the curriculum and ensuring that it is applicable and hence forth act as bridge between teachers and cur

Can all students use the curriculum?

Students are of varied mental capabilities recognizing it is the task of curriculum planner. They must be aware about the competencies of the students and the teachers alike who would be actually applying your plan in to place. The curriculum must be well aligned with the learning capabilities of the students, in order to facilitate the natural learning process.

Is the curriculum aligned to state standards?

Having a well-rounded curriculum does include the part where the standards are met to avoid last-minute hassle and that additionally adds to the esteem of the school as the kids are well-prepared for the learning process and can expect the flow and adjust accordingly.

How will we loop parents in?

This is the most ignored yet most important step that must be taken for effective learning and addressing behavioral and enhancing the learning abilities, this can be done with school management software like eSchoolApp. This ERP  enhances the abilities of the school staff and management giving them a simpler way of communicating with parents via schools own branded application. Along with tracking the students progress and teachers task management capabilities.

What do my teachers think?

One must always keep the executioners in mind that means the people who would execute your curriculum plan as they are more in touch with the students capabilities. They would be much aware about the competencies of the student that doesn’t mean you would have to restructure the curriculum. But then again rethink over the executi

How will I support my teachers?

Planning and execution is not plainly about writing something and being Draconian about its execution. Being an efficient leader is about getting things done not sitting around and ordering people to do things. A leader is a facilitator that enables people to actually go beyond their individual capabilities. Be ready to take charge of the things when they go south. This doesn’t mean you fire the people, but showing them the fallacies and showing them how it is done.

To conclude, the holistic development of the student must be at the center of any plan, as an educational institution the curriculum planning is just an aspect of the lear