Build a digital ecosystem for your school community

1. Student Information

Student Information Management System

The best school management software that helps you with up keeping the student records.


  • Attendancehomework, discipline, grades, and achievements! Best School Management Software in India takes care of those are the aspects that parents need to see about their wards.
  • A log of all the details that are involved  in students growth must be maintained by staff. A good school management software will have the facility to maintain that.

2. Ease for Parents

Best School management system for t

Parents can keep a track of their child’s individual progress

  • Keeping yourselves involved in a child’s school lives and staying connected with their progress can be a difficult thing due to the heavy workloads these days.
  • The School management Provider must provide a customized School Application so that it can be installed by parents on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • It helps parents to be with their children and teachers the whole day.

Benefits for Parents

  •  Parents can  actively engage in their children’s education
  •  Application up-to-the-minute information regarding parents’ meetings, grades, homework etc.
  •  A great relief to teachers by sending students’ attendance report and progress cards to parents without any delay
  • ‘Chat’ helps students and parents to contact teachers in case of any doubts, questions, comments or suggestions.

3. Teacher Information

Staff management is the integral part of the

Managing the school also involves maintaining records of teachers

The best school management software helps in getting the information regarding Staff task progress of the school.

It’s really easy to view a particular teacher’s class schedule, file reports efficiently, etc. Likewise, teachers can use their database to keep the details regarding class timings, student progress and classroom activities in one place.

  • Teachers can log the records regarding school, classroom, and student activities
  • The Principal and upper management can have access to all the necessary information about the progress.
  • Teachers can easily notify parents about their student’s report once it is filed

4. Security Measures

School Management Software

We are in a country where we still have to ensure women and child safety.

  • In this decade we have felt a need for the tight security measures that ensure parents of a kid’s safety.
  • The Best School Management solutions helps you with Creating unique Gate passes that can be shared to kids and shared only to the parents secretly via. Personalized notification to ensure they come with the gate pass received on registered devices.
  • This will ensure an additional layer of security. Also, the fact that Security guards must maintain a Visitors’ logbook to ensure the check-in of all the visitors.

5. Attendance Management

Attendance management Software for school

Keep record of daily attendance in just a minute and publish it directly to parents without any hassle or extra clicks

  • Attendance management is a crucial school managerial responsibility and it involves lecturers to invest some in the proceeding of class, which will take 10-15 minutes of the time, exhausting more than half a period.
  • Making the process easier the Teachers Application uses a unique system where teachers can mark attendance of the complete class in a click.
  • With integrated biometric machines you don’t even need to do that. Parents will  receive an automated notification of child’s presence, ensuring them their kid have reached school safely.

6. Online Assessments and Assignments

Online Examination is an Integral part of school Management ERP

Online Examination aids the students in building their confidence for competitive exams

  • Coaching classes now provide online exams, this features allow students to be actively involved in process of learning and solve the questions in limited time hence enhancing their ability to face the Competitive exams in the future.

7. Report Cards

  • Generating report cards is an added task which comes up while exams are taking place the Digital solution must allow the teachers to digitally print the pre-made card and not just that, they must be able to enter the marks from home while checking the copies.
  • The marks should be auto entered on the report card. All you must do is click the button and print the report card. Now that’s the ease of access and power of clouds

8. Fee Tracking and Online Payment

Online Payments for School Management

Online fee payments give parent an ease of access to pay fee online and receive invoices

  •  Managing earnings and incoming/outgoing expenses, preparing bills, tracking several types of fees before applying them to the right student etc. can be tedious and troublesome without an appropriate tool to handle all the functions.
  • Online payments help schools to allow every payment and parents can pay their child’s school fees at home easily. This makes the whole process of fee payment hassle-free for both parents and the school.

9. Admission Management

  • Presently, every big school have websites even the small ones,  which can be used to direct admissions via online gateways.
  • Solutions that are capable enough to manage the registration and admission process of both old and new students smoothly. This can eliminate the complications caused by human errors and manages the new and old students individually based on the information provided.

10. Notifications and Integrated SMS

  • The software must be ergonomic enough to share the SMS and notification at the same time you don’t need to be bothered with opening SMS gateway software to send SMS separately. It must be sent only once with the necessary attachment or links to the attachments.

11. Library Management

Library management made easier

Managing a big library of school is an added benefit that is provided by School Management Software

  • An impressive modern solution integrated with the Best School Management Software to make library management in Schools and institutions simple and effective with rich features like find, search, issue and return books.
  • Students can check the submission date and can reserve a book in advance if need be over their application.

12. Tracking Transport

  • Live GPS Tracking is made compulsory in many states that care about student safety. An all integrated solution that provides you unique and custom-made applications for School management over android and iOS will help you track the GPS devices and allow parents to view the location of the kids.
  •  School Admin will be able to monitor the speed of the vehicle as well.