Need for Schools to embrace Digital India and use School Management Tools

As there is a module for students which contains on and all data and management of students, in the same way there is a module which manages all the activities and stores all the important data of the staff of your school. The details of the staff are entered in the system and all the necessary things like attendance, salary management, payroll, staff duties and roles can be managed quite easily using this module. There are various segments in the staff module. We will understand it one by one.
Highlights of this module‚Äôs features can be found here.


  • Manage Staff:- This segment allows you to enter all the details of the staff like name, address, DOB, DOJ, etc.
  • Just open the Manage Staff page.
  • There will be two forms, one is for making a new entry and another one will show you the list of already entered staff members or teachers.
  • If you want to add a new staff, then enter all the specific details related to that staff.
  • Assign what role you have to give to that staff for ex Teacher, Care Taker, Dance Teacher etc.
  • Select which department that particular staff belongs to, like academic dep., non academic dep. or fees dep. .
  • After entering all the details, click on submit.
  • After clicking on Submit you can view the details of the staff in the list which will open in the same page.
  • If you want to make changes in the staff or edit details of a particular staff then you can do that by clicking on the staff id(it is a link