Make fee payments on mobile. Track fees schedule, fee paid, upcoming instalments and pending instalments for all the fee to be paid !

The most time consuming and most sensitive task of all schools is to keep the fees management smooth and proper. eSchool’s Fees module is designed in such way that it makes this hectic task much more easier and also precise. It is one of the most important feature of the eschool erp.
Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

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There are various different sub modules or segment in the Fees module.


  • Fee Payment:- The first segment is Fee Payment page. Here the fees of the student is submitted to his/her account. The fee business heads , fee heads and fee schedule along with proper fee slab are to be configured first. After successful configuration of all the fee heads and slabs , it will show in the fee payment page when you will pay the fees of a student.
    • First of all enter the scholar no of the student whose fees you have to pay. Then click on GO.
    • The fee record of that particular student will be in front of you , with details of the installments , his due amount under respective fee heads.
    • Enter the amount which he is paying , if he is paying a small amount then put it under various fee heads in such a way that the Grand Total matches the amount which the child is paying.
    • After filling the fields according to the amount which the child is paying, select the mode of payment.
    • By default the mode of payment is School, but you can change it. For ex if the student is bringing cash in school and submitting cash so you can select School Cash. If he is bringing cheque in school then select school cheque. Same goes for Bank Cash and Bank Cheque respectively.
    • After that, select the printing option as in which format you want the receipt to be printed.
    • After doing all the entries click on Submit. That particular amount will be submitted in his/her account.
    • After submitting the fees for that student, if you will once again enter the scholar number, then you can see the previous payments details of that student. Including the recently made payment.Fee payment
      • Cheque Status :- When the parents are paying the fees of their child by cheque, user can check the status of their cheque by using the Cheque Status segment. In this segment they can search b using the date filters , cheque no., bank name etc. You will get the details like whether the cheque is pending, cleared or bounced and also what is the clearing date etc.

      Cheque Status

      • Delay Application :- In school, there are various students who do not pay their fees according to the installments due to some family condition or any other reason, and pay the whole amount in last month or according to their resolution. So these types of students are added in the delay list so that they are not shown in the Defaulters List. In the Delay Application segment user can add a student by entering the scholar no. of that student and giving the expected date of fee payment with a genuine reason and press Insert. The student will be added.

      If you want to see how many students are in the delay list you can check it by clicking on GO button. A list with all the names will open. And if you want to see only a single student then enter his/her scholar num and click on GO.

      Delay Application

      • Fee Refund :- In this segment the fees is refunded back to the student if there are any exceptions.

      Fee Refund

      • Fee Concession :- There are various students in the school who have various conditions for fees. For ex some students come from BPL and avail RTE so in that condition the school has to provide them education free of cost , in other ex some students are in relation with the staff so the school authority provide such students with discounts. So keeping in mind all these things the Fee Concession segment is made which helps user in giving concession to students in very simple and understanding way.

      The fee concession segment has 3 sub segments .

      Fee Concession

      • Fee Concession :- This is main sub segment from which user can give Concession to the students. For giving concession you will have follow these simple steps.
        • Enter the scholar no of the student first and then click GO.
        • The name of the student will appear in the side corner.
        • Below will be the list of months with the fee heads.
        • Enter the concession in front of the month on which you have to give concession.
        • For ex, lets say the tuition fees of the student is ₹10000 for whole year and misc fees is ₹5000 per year and you have to give him 50% concession in tuition fees and 100% concession in misc fees then the user will have to check the fees schedule of the respective heads and then in the box under the tuition fees head enter “50%” for all the months on for which the fees is payable. And under the Misc fees head Enter “100%” or you can write the amount followed by INR like “5000INR”. After giving the amount for all the months , give the reason for which you are giving that particular student concession or any other remark in the Comment box below. Then click on submit.
        • The concession will get applied to that student and the shown in the fee payment will be reduced.

      Fee Concession(detail)

      • Fee Concession Template :- If the school has to provide concession to the whole class or many students at a time so it is difficult to enter the same amount in each and every student for each and every month, so for that the option of concession templates comes in handy.
        • Go to Concession Template. You will see all the fee heads with box in front of their respective month.
        • Enter the amount or % according to the concession you have to give.
        • Give the Template name and click on Submit. Your template is now saved and will be useful by selecting it while giving concession.
        • If you want to make some changes in the Template you have made then you just select Existing Concession Template, a drop down box will appear with the name of all the templates which you have made.
        • Select the template which you want to edit.
        • Make the suitable changes and then click on Submit.
        • Your template will be saved with the new changes.
        • You can also copy Previous years Templates using the “Copy Last Year Template” option.
        • There is also a checkbox near the Comment option named Lifetime. You can check it right if you to give student concession for life time. And it will be repeated every year.

      Fee Concession Template

      • Concession List :- By using this segment you can take out the list of student whom you have given Concession by using various filters.

      Concession list

      • Fee Report :- The Fee Report segment helps the school take out various reports regarding the fee collection and the student details with their respective fees submissions with amount paid and amount due and also the due date and date of payment.
        It also provides the facility to export various reports in different formats such as .pdf, .xlsx or .doc.
        There are various sub segments in the fee report segment. Below we will describe all the different segments separately for a better understanding.

      Fee Reports


      • Fee Scholar Register :- This sub segment works as a register of the fee collection. The school can see the amount due/paid of every student of a particular class or of the whole school.
        • On the front you can see various filters like class, business head, amount paid date etc.
        • Select the option according to which you have to search the fees data.
        • For ex if you select VIII class and click on Scholar Details then it will show you the details of the fees paid by the student of class VIII with expected amount, paid amount , due amount and concession (if any).
        • By clicking on Class Details button you will get the total amount of fee collection of that particular class.
        • And by clicking on Export to excel, it can be taken out as an excel file.

      Fee Scholar Register

      • Fee Reconciliation Report :- To get the details of the fees collection according to the fee heads you can use Fee Reconciliation Report. Just select the date range and click GO.
        You can take out this report in 3 different format ie in PDF , Excel or Word file. Just select the save button and select the type of file in which you want to Save.

      Fee Reconcilation Report

      • Day Book Report :- The day book report gives you the details of the daily fees collection with receipt no.
        • There are various filters given, set the filters according to your need for ex class wise details, fee head details, session etc.
        • Click on Scholar details to get student wise information or Date details to get datewise information.
        • You will get the list of all the fee collection, with receipt no, student name etc.
        • You can take out this report in 3 formats ie PDF, Excel or Word.
        • If  you have generated a wrong receipt or want to edit the receipt then you can do it in day book report.
        • Click on the receipt no. a pop up will come with various options like Edit Receipt, Cancel Receipt,and Print Options
        • Click on Cancel Receipt, give the reason as why are you cancelling the receipt.
        • Session Total,Monthly Total can also be seen at the bottom.

      Day Book Report

      • Refund :- Information refundable amount.


      • Serial Print :- This sub segment is used to print receipts of the fees you have paid. Just enter the starting and ending serial number from which you want to take the print out of the receipt. Select the format in which you want the receipt to be printed like portrait, detailed, regular etc. Then click on GO. A pdf will be generated instantly containing all the receipts of serial number which you entered.

      Serial Print



      • FEE MODULE:-

      Que:-  How we may give concession to any student?

      Ans:-   Go Fee module and then fee concession segment then choose free concession after click on them a form will be open for concession here choose student and select predefined concession template and click on apply button, (after click on apply button check value, slab and month where do you want to give concession is correct or not ) and after that click on submit button.


      (but in case you want to give concession in new slab or we can say you did not find predefined template is useful to your requirement then you can also create your concession template according to your requirement read next question)


      Que:- How we give concession according to our requirement?

      Ans:-  GO Fee Module and then Fee concession segment then choose Fee concession Template after click on them a form will be open fill entry related concession (charges, select slab, select month), after that in the bottom of form you got a field for fill template name put the name of your template and click on submit button after that your template will be create and whenever you want to use it you can use it in Fee concession segment their you have to select your template and click on apply button.


      Que:- How We check Fee Submission report?

      Ans:-  Go Fee Module and then Fee Reports and after that choose Day book report here you get all fee Submission report Date and Serial no is also available to check.

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