The parents can get the idea of what their child has learnt today and what he/she has to do at home. So here is the homework section from which the schools can send the Homework of the student directly to their parents mobile so that the parents can also keep track of their wards activities.
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Steps to send Homework :-

  • First select the date as of which you have to send the Homework.
  • You will see list of classes with their respective subjects written alongside them.
  • Enter the relevant homework in front of the relevant subject for all the classes.
  • Click on the checkbox near the class name.
  • After entering all the details, click on Save or Cloud.
  • If you will click on Save ,then it will be saved in our system so you can send it afterwards. Or if you click on Cloud then the notification will be sent instantly to the parents.

You can also import the excel file of the Homework by following the instructions given alongwith the Sample Homework import file.

Download the sample file, enter the homework in the prescribed format and then upload the same file.

Homework Homework1

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